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1913 - Railroads
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Page 26 - Vice-President and Treasurer), shall be elected at each annual meeting and serve for one year, or until their successors shall have been elected, whose duties shall be to receive all subjects for debate and bring them before the Club at such times as they may judge most beneficial for their discussion. They shall also vote on all applications for membership, and shall act on all matters properly referred to them. A quorum shall consist of three present and voting.
Page 326 - WHEELS GIVE THE BEST RESULTS FOR EVERY VARIETY OF SERVICE THOMAS PROSSER & SON 15 Gold Street, New York Old Colony Building, Chicago American Locomotive Co.
Page 30 - SECTION 1. The proceedings, or such -portion thereof as the Executive Committee shall decide, of the regular meetings of the Club, shall be published (standard size, 6x9 inches) and mailed to the members of the Club and to members of other similar clubs with whom exchange is made.
Page 28 - Trustees, and one additional member from each state, territory, or district, to be elected by the active members for the term of one year, or until their successors are chosen, and of all Life Directors of the National Educational Association.
Page xvii - A car unsafe to load on account of general worn-out condition, due to age or decay, shall be reported to its owner, who must be advised of all existing defects. If the owner elects to have it sent home, he shall furnish two home cards, noting upon them existing defects and the route over which the car is to be returned to its owner. If the route coincides with that over which the...
Page 25 - CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I. NAME. The name of this association shall be the NEW ENGLAND RAILROAD CLUB. ARTICLE II. OBJECTS. The objects of this Club shall be, first, to promote knowledge on all matters relative to the construction and management of railroads and their equipment which may be brought before the Club for consideration and discussion; and, second, to encourage social relations among its members. ARTICLE III.
Page 28 - ... meeting. (2) This committee to be called together by the Secretary, at the request of the President, and present to the Executive Committee a list of subjects for discussion. (3) The Secretary of the Club shall, without voice, act as secretary of this Committee. ARTICLE VIII. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. (1) The President at the annual meeting, or as soon thereafter as possible, shall appoint a Committee on Membership, to whom all applications shall be referred, and who shall report to the Executive...
Page 26 - ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS. The officers of this Club shall consist of : (1) A President, who shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and perform the duties usually pertaining to the presiding officer. He shall also be a member and chairman of both the Executive and Finance committees, and shall approve all bills before payment. He shall not be eligible for two successive terms. (2) A Vice-President, who shall in the absence of the President perform all the duties required of that officer. (3) A...
Page 105 - X" COUPLER. The Latest Development of the MCB Coupler. Has " Lock-to-the-Lock," " Lock-Set " and

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