Convicting the World of Sin: A Journey Back to the Garden

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AuthorHouse, Nov 9, 2009 - Philosophy
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NEW BOOK PROMISES TO IMPACT THE WORLD COULD THIS BOOK BE WHAT THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR? THIS BOOK IS EXPLOSIVE IT'S CONTROVERSIAL This book presents compelling proofs that many are being taught falsehoods in religion. This is one book you won't be able to stop reading! You knew this was coming! It explains the allegory of Jesus' teachings. It exposes religious dogma that is being substituted for truth. It shows compelling proofs that many Jews, Christians, Muslims and many others are following innovations believed to be from the holy books but which are not in the holy books. It shows compelling proofs that all of God's prophets worshiped the same God and followed the same exact religion using both the Holy Bible and Holy Quran as proof. it shows you where to look in the Holy Bible if you are Christian to prove to you Jesus is not god/God and that he never ever told you to worship him. Don't close your mind and regret this chance at redemption Many of you believed Christopher Columbus discovered America and this is proved to be a lie. What if this book is right and you are wrong? You owe it to yourself and your progeny to seek the truth concerning god and religion. Don't make the mistake and believe you have all the knowledge and all of the answers because blasphemy will not be forgiven IT MAY JUST BE WHAT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS EXPECTING YOU DECIDE GET YOUR COPY NOW

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