The Glasgow Boys

Frances Lincoln, 2008 - 288 sidor
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At the end of the 19th century, a group of young Glasgow-based painters established an international reputation for realism and plein-air landscape painting. Led by James Guthrie, John Lavery, Arthur Melville, George Henry, and E. A. Hornel, the Glasgow Boys, as they came to be known, shared an enthusiasm for strong, fresh colors, naturalistic subject matter, and a willingness to travel outside Scotland for subjects and settings. Their enthusiasm for naturalism was equaled only by their dislike of the Scottish arts establishment. In this widely acclaimed book, Roger Billcliffe describes not only the work of the individual artists but also their rejection by local collectors and officialdom before European success caused their work to become much in demand. First published 20 years ago, the book rekindled interest in the group and their work. Now redesigned with more than 200 illustrations in color, it introduces the collective to a new generation of readers and collectors.

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Om författaren (2008)

Roger Billcliffe was formerly a lecturer at Glasgow University, Assistant Keeper of the University Art Collection, and subsequently Keeper of Fine Art at Glasgow Art Gallery, and then Director of The Fine Art Society. He now owns and runs the Roger Bilcliffe Gallery in Glasgow.

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