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This was the first Osho book I ever read and it changed my life. Osho upset my spiritual applecart—in the years following my encounter with this little book I have revised my concept of everything from God to Christianity. It may not touch you in the same way but my soul was aching when I read it and I was touched by Osho's deep wisdom. I keep the book nearby and when something panics me, I read passages from the book to soothe my fears. It may touch you, too. 

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Osho is a multidimensional Master. He has the innate capacity to talk from any side of the coin.
Courage is his way of life and he has shown to the world that a single man with truth on his side
can go against the whole monotonous world. We are all repeating with the same old thoughts
always moving in the same circle. Let us read Osho and know the dimensions of courage from
all aspects and the old proverb holds good "Dhairye sahase' - Lakshmi".

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