Books I and II, On Engines, and Addenda (the Notebook) ..., Volume 1

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Reichert, 1984
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Taccola is known for two main treatises, the De ingeneis (for the most part written in 1427-1433) and the De machinis (1449). Miss Scaglia has already ... sici?sici=0021-1753(197403)65%3A1%3C116%3AMTAHB%22%3E2.0.CO%3B2-O

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Taccola is known for his technological treatises De ingeneis and De machinis, ... Taccola left behind two treatises, the first being De ingeneis (Concerning ... wiki/ Taccola

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Il Taccola è conosciuto per i suoi trattati di tecnologia De ingeneis e De machinis incentrati su molti macchinari tipici dell'epoca. ... wiki/ Mariano_di_Jacopo

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De ingeneis. may depict Filippo. himself intent upon that very task [Fondelli 1977-a: ... Use of the astrolabe in the measuremnt of levels from De ingeneis, ... index/ 075503473XW20470.pdf

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The initial book of De Ingeneis is composed of drawings which ... Prager and Scaglia’s meticulous edition and skillful translation of De Ingeneis ... doi/ abs/ 10.1111/ j.1540-6563.1973.tb00519.x

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