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Little, Brown, and Company, 1916 - Forensic psychiatry - 269 pages
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Page 2 - The unfavorable hygienic surroundings which are found in most prisons, the scarcity of air and exercise, readily prepare the way for a breakdown even in an habitual criminal. Above all, however, it is the emotional shock and depression which invariably accompany the painful loss of freedom, the loneliness and seclusion which force the prisoner to a raking occupation with his own mind, to a persistent introspection, making him feel so much more keenly the anxiety and apprehension for the future, the...
Page 132 - ... all persons who were on one side of it must be sane and all persons who were on the other side of it must be insane. But a very little consideration will show how vain it is to attempt to make such a division. That nature makes no leaps, but passes from one complexion to its opposite by a gradation so gentle that one shades imperceptibly into another, and no one can fix positively the point of transition, is a sufficiently trite observation. Nowhere is this more true than in respect to sanity...
Page 196 - No one is to be hearkened to, no not for a moment, let him come with what pretensions he may, whose teaching contravenes a revelation already given. In what has been said thus far, it will be seen that the subject has been regarded from the point of view of those only who are already in possession of a divine revelation. If it be asked, How the case stands with...
Page 258 - I begin to feel giddy and restless and feel as if I have to do something. This feeling becomes gradually more marked until I feel compelled to enter a house and steal. While stealing I become quite excited, involuntarily begin to pant, perspire and breathe rapidly as if I had run a race ; this increases in intensity and then I feel as if I had to go to the closet and empty my bowels. After it's all over I feel exhausted and relieved.
Page 190 - The Pleasure-Principle represents the primary original form of mental activity, and is characteristic of the earliest stages of human development, both in the Individual and the Race. It is, therefore, typically found in the mental life of the Infant, and to a less extent of the Savage.
Page 251 - ... and differentiated so as to form the adult sexual impulse in the narrower sense. A greater part is found to be incompatible with social observance, and is repressed, buried, forgotten. The repressed impulses, however, do not die, (it is much harder to kill old desires than is sometimes thought) but continue throughout life to strive toward gratification. This they cannot do directly, and are thus driven to find indirect, symbolic modes of expression. The energy is transformed into these secondary,...
Page 239 - ... could not fairly reach any definite conclusion nor explain satisfactorily the mental attitude of the examinee. AN ANALYSIS OF A CASE OF KLEPTOMANIA. BERNARD GLUECK, SENIOR ASSISTANT PHYSICIAN GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL FOR THE INSANE, INSTRUCTOR IN PSYCHIATRY, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, WASHINGTON, DC INTRODUCTION. — The past two years have been very profitable ones for the science of criminology as they have brought to light two books on the subject which concretely reflect, on the one hand, the...
Page 160 - ... furnished by General Ivolgin in Dostoieffsky's " Idiot." The child's tendency to lying and deceit is dependent to a large extent upon the undeveloped state of those restraining forces. To state, however, that this is the sole mechanism underlying the phenomenon of lying would be to state only half a truth. For it is an undeniable fact that, no matter how strongly endowed an individual may be with ethical or moral feelings, still there comes a time when these are entirely forgotten and neglected...
Page 237 - The detection of malingering in a given case by no means excludes the presence of actual mental disease. The two phenomena are not only not mutually exclusive, but are frequently concomitant manifestations in the same individual. 2. Malingering is a form of mental reaction manifested for the purpose of evading a particularly stressful situation in life, and is resorted to chiefly, if not exclusively, by the mentally abnormal, such as psychopaths, hysterics, and the frankly insane. 3. Malingering...
Page v - ... than those over thirty years of age. Insanity has been a cause for acquittal, or for removal to an insane hospital, but mental incompetency, not so clear-cut or apparent, has passed by the law into the prison. These conditions are recognized and pointed out in such a statement as the following: "The intensive study of the individual delinquent from all angles and points of view" must be the aim of the modern criminologist.

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A VOLUME entitled "Studies In Forensic Psychiatry," written by Bernard Glueck, md, is published as the second monograph supplement to the Journal of ... gst/ abstract.html?res=F50C14F83A5812738DDDAD0A94DA415B868DF1D3

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