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This book provides a completely different image of the civil rights movement than the one I was fed as a child growing up in northern California suburbia. I remember watching films of the march on Washington, of King's "I have a Dream" speech, and of people singing "We Shall Overcome" in unison. It painted a rosy image of a movement that drastically changed the US for the better.
Malcolm X's autobiography isn't rosy, or sweet, or full of unison voices. It is a much more real and raw depiction of the time. And because of that, it is much more educational. It should be required reading for every American citizen, regardless of color.

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Malcolm X's life is a fascinating life. I have observed it is a life of transformation, moving from a criminal to a political/religious activist in the Nation of Islam to a transcendent non-racist after his time in Mecca. Later in the book he said his "life
was a series of changes".
The middle part of the book was hard to read since that's when he was his most hateful.
I was impressed reading that he was so poor he had to borrow money to go to Mecca. The book even said "Malcolm X died a poor man." I think that is a sign of integrity and realness. So many political figures get rich but Malcolm X didn't. That's the type of
political figure I want to be. The book also mentioned how he always was connected to the people instead of getting away from the people like too many other prominent figures got away from the people.
The split between Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam represented the fact that Malcolm X was growing while the Nation of Islam was staying the same. He grew out of that organization and good for him. He faced severe consequences for being true to himself,
including those which ultimately led to his assassination.
I saw the movie years ago and it has stayed with me like few other movies do. The book is even better than the movie! Don't just stay with the movie; go for the book!
Malcolm X's life has a lot to teach all of us! I admire his growth, his realness, his integrity, his boldness.

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The best book I ever read!!! It changed a lot of my views in understanding the history and philosophy of the black men. It is well written. More importantly I know now more on the power of leadership, words and books and how with these influences people can reinvent their whole life! A masterpiece!!! Must read in a lifetime!! 

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One of the greatest books of all time.This is definitely a must read!

Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

User Review  - Wiley R - Goodreads

I'm glad I read this. I had very high expectations and this met some of them. If I hadn't had such high expectations it would have gotten 5 stars. It was easy to read and very easy to sympathize with Malcolm X. Read full review

Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

User Review  - Daisy - Goodreads

it's a good, heavy book. Read full review

Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

User Review  - Erica - Goodreads

I feel so lucky to have read Malcolm X's story, and so sad and angry that his story was cut short. I'm especially sad that we never got to hear the next stages of Malcolm's transformation after his visit to Mecca. Read full review

Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

User Review  - Ian Spaulding - Goodreads

This book empowered me to read more and expand my knowledge. Read full review

Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

User Review  - Zoe - Goodreads

I've read this book several times, and each time I am amazed by his story and the way he tells it. Read full review

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