Decorative Heraldry: A Practical Handbook of Its Artistic Treatment (Google eBook)

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George Bell & Sons, 1908 - Heraldry - 281 pages
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Page 140 - Five hundred poor I have in yearly pay, Who twice a day their wither'd hands hold up Toward heaven, to pardon blood ; and I have built Two chantries, where the sad and solemn priests Sing still for Richard's soul.
Page 51 - Pl. 31, fig. 2 ; that is, the heir, or first son, during his father's life time, bears a label; the second son, a crescent; the third, a mullet; the fourth, a martlet ; the fifth, an annulet; the sixth, a fleur-de-lis; the seventh, a rose; the eighth, a cross moline ; and the ninth, a double quatrefoil.
Page 82 - It is described as a long pike intersected by a transversal beam. The silken veil, which hung down from the beam, was curiously inwrought with the images of the reigning monarch and his children. The summit of the pike supported a crown of gold which enclosed the mysterious monogram, at once expressive of the figure of the cross, and the initial letters, of the name of Christ...
Page 205 - Monuments stood; introducing in their stead, a certain fantastical and licentious Manner of Building, which we have since called Modern (or Gothic rather), Congestions of heavy, dark, melancholy and Monkish Piles, without any just Proportion, Use or Beauty, compared with the truly Ancient.
Page 82 - Constantine; the cross glittered on their helmet, was engraved on their shields, was interwoven into their banners; and the consecrated emblems which adorned the person of the emperor himself, were distinguished only by richer materials and more exquisite workmanship.
Page 79 - The Gnostics were distinguished as the most polite, the most learned, and the most wealthy of the Christian name...
Page 221 - College (Christ Church) Oxford; and in the choughs, the reputed or assigned Arms of St. Thomas of Canterbury argent three choughs proper. Thus, in the cardinal's coat we see his county and its history (ie, its two earldoms), his religion and his politics, his Christian name and his patron saint.
Page 55 - Queen Elizabeth, when they grew into disuse. Gerard Leigh says, the badge was not placed on a wreath in the time of Henry the Fifth ; and long after no man had his badge on a wreath under the degree of a knight.
Page 59 - In Ireland, the heads of the different septs assert their claim to them, but no registry of supporters to an Irish chieftain appears in Ulster's Office, in right of his chieftaincy only, and without the honour of peerage, nor docs any authority to bear them exist.

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