Modern Medicine and Bacteriological Review, Volumes 3-4 (Google eBook)

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John Harvey Kellogg
Modern Medicine Publishing Company, 1894 - Bacteriology
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Page 179 - FIGS" is never sold in bulk. It retails at fifty cents per bottle, and the name " SYRUP OF FIGS," as well as the name of the California Fig Syrup Company, is printed on the wrappers and labels of every bottle. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO., San Francisco, Cal.; Louisville, Ky.; New York, NY There Are flo Exceptions.
Page 260 - It is caused by very minute germs, which usually enter the body with the air breathed. The matter which consumptives cough or spit up contains these germs in great numbers frequently millions are discharged in a single day. This matter, spit upon the floor, wall or elsewhere, dries and is apt to become powdered and float in the air as dust.
Page 179 - Figs" (Syr. Fici Cal.) they will not permit any substitution. The name " Syrup of Figs" was given to this laxative, not because in the process of...
Page 32 - ... constipated; complains often of headache and palpitation, with frequent but scanty micturition; menstruation very irregular, returning every three to five weeks, and lasting from two to four days; flow small in amount and nearly colorless; attended with violent pains in the lumbar region, groins, with general tenderness over the hypogastric region; no organic lesion of the heart, simply functional as a result of other lesions. Upon examination, I detected retroversion of the uterus of the second...
Page 136 - Those suffering from anemia from hard work, though the patient have the appearance of good health; Those, of both sexes, affected with chlorosis; Those weakened by too rapid growth and puberty; Those fatigued by study; and, in short, all in whom a diminution of red blood corpuscles had ensued, due no matter to what causes.
Page 175 - Antiseptic, Antizymotic, and Disinfectant. Useful as a General Sprinkling Powder, With positive Hygienic, Prophylactic, and Therapeutic Properties. GOOD IN ALL AFFECTIONS OF THE SKIN. Sold by the Drug Trade generally.
Page 175 - Hygienic Dermal Powder " for Infants and Adults. Originally investigated and its therapeutic properties discovered in the year 1868 by Dr. Fehr, and introduced to the Medical and the Pharmaceutical Professions in the year 1873.
Page 220 - ... be employed to detect blood, in conjunction with freshly prepared tincture of guaiac. Although tincture of guaiac turns blue with a variety of substances, blood is not one of them. So in testing for a stain say on clothing moisten the spot with water, and afterwards apply a piece of white filter paper; the slightest straw-colored stain on the paper suffices. Now, add to the spot on the paper a few drops of the guaiac tincture no coloration. Add a few drops of solution of peroxide,...

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