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A masterpiece!

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Page 396 - View Extreme Suez where, old Annals say, 98 once stood the city hight Hero'opolis ; by some Arsin'oe called, and in our day she holdeth Egypt's fleets and argosies : Behold the watery depths, where clove his way Moses the mighty in past centuries : Asia beginneth here her huge extent in regions, kingdoms, empires opulent. " See Sinai mountain,1 with her boast and pride 99 the silver bier of saintly Catherine : See Toro-port and...
Page 403 - Thome* ! thy fate, 118 wept thee whatever lands thy foot had trod • yet weep thee more the souls in blissful state thou led'st to don the robes of Holy Rood. But Angels waiting at the Par'adise-gate meet thee with smiling faces, hymning God. We pray thee, pray that still vouchsafe thy Lord unto thy Lusians His good aid afford.
Page 268 - ... Brahmins are their ghostly race, 40 time-honour'd title of high eminence : His far-famed precepts, eke, they still embrace who first to Science lent a modest sense :l A living thing to kill they hold as base, such be from ev;ery flesh their abstinence : Only in joys venereal their delight hath more of licence and a laxer rite. " Common the women are, although confine'd 4 1 to those belonging to their husbands' blood : Happy condition ! happy humankind, who over jealous wrongs may never brood...
Page 398 - But now the Narrows and their noted head Cape Jask, Carpella called by those of yore, quit we, the dry terrene scant favoured by Nature niggard of her normal store. . . .
Page 397 - Ar'aby, cov'ering so much ground, 100 where tawny peoples vague o'er vasty space ; whence come the Rabytes,1 best for battle found, light-limbed, high-fettled, noble-blooded race. Behold the coast that trends to bind and bound yon other Persian Strait, where sight can trace the Headland proud the potent name to own of Fartak-city, erst to Fame well-known. " Behold insign Dofar that doth command • 101 for Christian altars sweetest incense-store...
Page 367 - twixt Calecut and Cananor, two hostile peoples linkt at War's demand, by sea the Moormen come, Ge'ntoos by land. 1
Page 407 - This Realm, half-shadowed, China's empery afar reflecting, whither ships are bound, is the Japan, whose virgin silver mine shall shine still sheenier with the Law 'Divine.
Page 434 - Pelo ar a cabeça lhe voou, Inda contando a historia de seus feitos : Pedro, do negro sangue que esguichou, Foi todo salpicado, rosto e peitos ; Justa vingança do que em vida usou.
Page 409 - See in Ceylon that Peak so stark, so gaunt, Shooting high o'er the clouds or mocking sight : The native peoples hold it sacrosanct For the famed Stone where print of foot is pight.
Page 462 - ... o grande Carvalho ali cercado De imigos, como touro em duro corro? De trinta Mouros mortos rodeado, Revolvendo o montante, diz: «Pois morro, Celebrem mortos minha morte escura, E façam-me de mortos sepultura.

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