Universal Dictionary of Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern: Reduced to the Standards of the United States of America (Google eBook)

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W. Minifie and Company, 1850 - Weights and measures - 158 pages
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Page 160 - New York Scientific American. " It is the best work on Drawing that we have ever seen, and is especially a text-book of Geometrical Drawing for the use of Mechanics and Schools. No young Mechanic, such as a MACHINIST, ENGINEER,
Page 144 - or Kilogramme, is the weight of a cubic decimetre of distilled water at the temperature of maximum density
Page 132 - in this aspect, the origination is with the grains ; which must be such that 252,458 of these units, in brass, will be in just equilibrium with a cubic inch of distilled water, when the mercury stands at 30 inches in a barometer, and in a thermometer of Fahrenheit at 62
Page 144 - pendulum beating seconds, in a vacuum, at the level of the sea, under the mean parallel of 45°
Page 132 - are identical with those of England. In both countries, they repose in fact upon actually existing masses of metal (brass) which have been individually declared by law to be the units of the system. In scientific theory, they are supposed to rest upon a permanent and universal law of Nature — the gravitation of distilled water at a certain temperature and under a certain atmospheric pressure.
Page viii - that the first step to any harmonious settlement, is to see clearly and at a glance where the differences lie, and what they are. If a Millennial period for this world is ever to come as many wise
Page 160 - MINIFIE'S TEXT BOOK OF MECHANICAL DRAWING.—We are happy to call the attention of our readers to this work. It is recommended by artists and gentlemen who are best qualified among us to judge correctly of its merits, as being the most thorough and complete work of the kind ever published in this country, and as indispensable to those whose
Page 159 - Minifie, Architect, and Teacher of Drawing in the Central High School of Baltimore. The work is designed for the use of Mechanics and Schools, and has also been prepared for those who desire to instruct themselves. For this purpose the author has taken care to employ the most simple terms in his definitions as well as his problems, and has illustrated his lessons for drawing Buildings, Machinery, &c., with
Page 159 - OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. From the Baltimore American. " We have examined with pleasure a very useful work, entitled, A TEXT BOOK OF GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, just published by our townsman, Mr. Wm. Minifie, Architect, and Teacher of Drawing in the Central High School of Baltimore.
Page 160 - It is, indeed, in all respects, a very excellent and a very timely book." From the Richmond Daily Whig. "We regard it as a book evincing great thoroughness in the subject on which it treats ; one which must supply a deficiency which has long been felt, and one which must prove an invaluable assistant, either to the theoretical teacher or

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