Mines Register: Successor to the Mines Handbook and the Copper Handbook, Describing the Non-ferrous Metal Mining Companies in the Western Hemisphere (Google eBook)

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Horace Jared Stevens, Walter Harvey Weed, Walter Garfield Neale, Lenox Hawes Rand, Edward Barney Sturgis, Joseph Zimmerman
Mines Publications, Incorporated, 1911 - Mineral industries
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Page 138 - ANTICLINAL. An anticline. Of the nature of an anticline. ANTIGUA. In Mexico, is a mine worked by Spaniards or Mexicans at a time so remote from 50 to 300 years that particulars have been forgotten. Sometimes valuable. APARTADO. Apartado de correos is Spanish for poetoffice box.
Page 149 - ... slag. FLUXING ORE. An ore containing appreciable metallic values, but smelted mainly because containing fluxing agents required in the reduction of richer ores. FOLIATED. Having a laminated structure. FOOT. The foot-wall FOOT-WALL. The stratum of rock underlying an inclined mineral lode or vein.
Page 734 - ... Ryerson, is connected with the mill by belt conveyor. The Santa Rosa mine, bought circa 1905, is to be developed extensively, and an electric transmission line has been built thereto, and a good mining plant installed. Gas power is used extensively throughout the mine, mill and smelter, except for hoists and locomotives. A Loomis generator, with capacity to supply gas for developing 1,000 hp, consumes New Mexico bituminous coal.
Page 149 - In case of companies owned outright by other companies, founders shares are issued to as many individuals as are required to incorporate and hold the offices required for corporate management, as the laws do not permit a corporation, which is an artificial person, to form another corporation, or to serve as a director of another corporation.
Page 104 - Hohler, who first utilized iron pyrites as a carrier for the precious metals. The Kongsberg process of semi-pyritic smelting adds raw pyritic ores to the charge, simply to produce a carrier or matte for the precious metals, and differs widely in theory from the principle of pyritic smelting. Raw sulphide smelting is done in a blast-furnace, ore being put into the furnace by layer charging or by column charging. In layer charging the raw crushed ore is blended intimately with a small proportion of...
Page 478 - Final county, together with the Producer and Century-Chief group of 320 acres, and Index group of 220 acres, in Pima county, all in the Quijotoa mountains. Company sold stock, 1910, on the strength of a clever brochure, written by Alfred Henry Lewis, the talented writer, whose statements arc not hampered by a knowledge of copper mining.
Page 146 - An arbitrary allowance claimed by some British smelters, to cover loss of weight in transport. DRESS. To separate ore from gangue rock by hand or machinery. DRESSING FLOOR. A floor or dirt surface where ore is dressed by cobbing and other hand-work. DRIFT. A horizontal opening in a mine, following the direction of the lode or vein; loose alluvial matter, such as sand, pebbles and boulders. DRIFT COPPER. Native copper found in alluvium, far from its original rock matrice, whence carried by glaciers....
Page 316 - It seems obvious that the American Smelting & Refining Co. continues to expand and prosper, mainly because of its superior metallurgical and business ability, backed by large and modern works and adequate capital, rather than because of special advantages. AMERICAN STAR MINING CO. UTAH Office: 403 Dooly Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. Mine office: Eureka, Juab Co., Utah.
Page 155 - Graduates of technical mining schools usually are given the degree of engineer of mines and sign the letters EM after their names. The letters ME stand for mechanical engineer, when given by a school, but are often used by men engaged in mining, who lack scholastic degrees, as an abbreviation for mining expert.
Page 262 - ... description of that mine. The Stanthorpe field is an old district of considerable promise, but is now a small producer only. The Tenningering district is fourth in the state in point of production, and has several properties of promise. The Glassford Creek district is a new and promising field, with active development work under way at several properties. The Cloncurry field, in northern Queensland, shows copper deposits at various points over a district about 75 miles from east to west and about...

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