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pleasant surprize

User Review  - azcolva -

I purchased this book as a gift, so I have not read it. However, I was surprized at what a big book...tremendous number of pages, all with full printed matter...this is and was suprized at the delivery time. It was here in just a few days. Read full review

The Reagan Diaries

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A MUST READ! Very enlightening piece of work. I learned a lot about this President. This book is filled with lots of "never before" revealed facts about this great man! I'm glad I bought it. ... Read full review

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As one of the greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan publishes his diaries while acting as the President. This novel includes the awesome moments in history that Reagan was apart of, and the achievements he made possible. This book is a very interesting read that allows the reader a bit of insight into his personal life as well as his political adventures. 

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Robert White - Goodreads

A long, long read ... and worth the effort for students (like me!) of leadership, politics and governance. Ronald Reagan wrote compellingly in his diary every day for the eight years of his Presidency ... Read full review

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Carrie Nemila - Goodreads

I've always thought highly of Ronald Reagan but his regard and love for America and his relationship and prayer life with God has brought my respect for him to another level. Not self-seeking Reagan ... Read full review

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Chris Munson - Goodreads

As a child of the 80's and an evil Republican, I was simply interested in learning about President Reagan's side of what happened during his presidency. I'd forgotten what a turbulent time the 80's ... Read full review

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Mike - Goodreads

Those 80's! We lived 'em but here is an insider's view of what was going on in the political-cultural world to which most of us were oblivious. From the Illegal Air Traffic Controllers strike that ... Read full review

A very good read.

User Review  - jacklyle34 -

My life loved President Reagan and was eager to read this book. She was not disappointed, Read full review

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Shan - Goodreads

My memories of Reagan are from when I was a kid. I mainly remember seeing him on TV. It wasn't until I got older and began to learn more about his presidency that I realized what a truly great man he ... Read full review

Review: The Reagan Diaries

User Review  - Dan Myers - Goodreads

Friday, I did something I never thought I would do in my life. I bought a book about Ronald Reagan. It was sort of an accident. I was just waiting in line at the bookstore and saw The Reagan Diaries ... Read full review

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