Did Calvin Murder Servetus? (Google eBook)

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Infinity, Dec 21, 2008 - Religion - 606 pages
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"The purpose of this book is to examine the legality of the trial of a Spanish physician Michael Servetus. Servetus was burned at the stake in the protestant city of Geneva for the crime of heresy. His trial was organized and manipulated by the protestant theologian John Calvin, the father of reformed theology. Proponents of Calvinist theology have long maintained the innocence of Calvin in claiming that he had acted well within the bounds of Geneva's legal jurisdiction. It is also proposed that John Calvin's motives in seeking the death of the Spaniard were the benevolent and pious desire to defend the true faith against the errors of heresy. Almost 500 years after the martyrdom of Michael Servetus the facts have been obscured by well-meaning apologetics. Standford Rives takes on the monumental task of uncovering the historical truth underneath the centuries of misrepresentation and tailored research."--Amazon.com.

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Rives claims to be a Christian since the age of 15, but he is non-Trinitarian now. He demotes Apostle Paul to a proto-Macion, a heretic, in his website "jesuswordonly" (not Paul's). He promotes Shem-Tob's Hebrew Gospel of Matthew because it lacks the Trinitarian verse in the Great Commission. He worshipped in a Cavinist Church for 10 years, by he hates Calvin's guts. It seems self serving for Rives in this book trying to nail the title murderer on Calvin, because Calvin executed Serverus by regarding anti-Trinitarianism as blasphemy, more than heresy. He accused Calvin of not separating Church and state, when such a doctrine was just invented by the Anabaptist, and the two-realm (spiritual and secular) doctrine by Luther, not yet accepted as universal standard of justice as today. If Rives is an attorney, and he accuses Calvin for being excessive, isn't Rives himself a little excessive on Calvin, too? Mmmmm......
Two stars are given for good documentation; three stars are taken for using ad-hominem attacks in what supposed to be a logical exposition, and hiding personal agenda from the viewers, even borderline deception in the introduction of the author, and in the title of the book.


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Standford Rives has been a Christian since age 15, and was a member of a Calvinist church for over 10 years. As an attorney, Rives examines the trial of Servetus initiated by Calvin and prosecuted by Calvin to determine whether Calvin was responsible for wrongfully killing Servetus as a heretic.

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