The Warrior Tradition in Modern Africa

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Ali Al Amin Mazrui
BRILL, 1977 - Social Science - 260 pages
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How can an African expert like Ali Mazrui be associated with such a book?? The chapter on Rwanda written by Warren Weinstein is a typical colonial propaganda that is aimed at misleading and fooling the World including Weinstein himself.How can Mazrui be so easily duped by such colonial deceptive materials?? First there was the exile of King Musinga in 1931.Then the assassination of King Mutara in 1959,along with Patrice Lumumba and Louis Rwagasore the Preme Minister of Burundi,and then the exile of King Kigeri Ndahindurwa in 1960 and Mazrui thinks that all this was just a coincidence? Was this a Bahutu-Batutsi conflict as Belgians have led the World to believe? Absolutely not! Weinstein keeps repeating that Batutsi were a small minority of less than 15% of the population.The problem with that allegation is that,first of all,he does not know that Begians have never conducted a house to house census in Rwanda to determine how many Bahutu or Batutsi lived there.All they did was to ask local chiefs to list who was a Muhutu or a Mututsi in their areas,and the chiefs listed only themselves and their noble friends as Batutsi,and everybody else as Bahutu.During German colonial rule,only those who were over 7 feet tall were Batutsi,because Europeans had never seen or read about tall Africans in Tarzan books and movies.This is really where the idea of Batutsi as a tiny minority came from,and was propagated ever since,to project them as a minority of Hamitic opressors who conquered Bahutu (Bantu) local population 4-5 centuries ago.All lies.Absolute lies with no proof whatsoever,and Weinstein should apologize for taking such childish Belgian propaganda as gospel truth. Rwanda's agropastoralists (whom we erroneously call Batutsi) have founded their empire as early as 6-9 centuries BP (van Grunderbeek,E.J.Sutton,van Noten,Schmidt),where they were raising cattle,growing sorghum and millet in large quantities,forging good iron tools in a land with a perfect climate with good pastures and plenty of rainfall and when European bounty hunters arrived Batutsi became a minority?? How can such a society in a perfect environment become a minority in their own land??
It is because of such ignorance that in 1994,over one and a half million Rwandans carrying Belgian issued "Batutsi" ID cards were slaughtered,since very few people knew anything at all about Rwanda.Such a vey limited knowledge and indifference about our nation as reflected in his chapter,is the main cause of all Rwandan calamities,and I hope that he can appreciate Rwandans' frustrations caused by the International Community's failure to comprehend the gravity of the cyclical holocausts of 1959-1994,where over 3 million Batutsi were slaughtered and became a real minority.
Mr Weinstein should be warned that his heroes,Jan Vansina,Luc de Heusch and Jacques Maquet were on Belgian colonial government payroll as its main propagandists.He should also be aware of the fact that both de Heusch and yours truly,Jan Vansina have recanted and reversed their old colonial definition of buhutuhood and bututsihood.You can quote me on that one! While in Rwanda Vansina was so obsessed with Bahutu that Rwandans nicknamed him "Gahutu" which means "the little Muhutu."
Israel Ntaganzwa


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