Selections for German Composition: With Notes and Vocabulary (Google eBook)

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1890 - German language - 143 pages
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Page 146 - Andersen's Bilderbuch ohne Bilder (Bernhardt). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Campe's Robinson der Jüngere (Ibershoff). Vocabulary. 40 cts. Leander's Träumereien (van der Smissen). Vocabulary. 40 cts. Volkmann's Kleine Geschichten (Bernhardt). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Easy Selections for Sight Translation (Deering). 15 cts. Storm's Geschichten aus der Tonne (Vogel). Vocabulary. 40 cts. Storm's In St. Jürgen (Wright). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Storm's Immensee (Bernhardt). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Storm's Pole Poppenspäler...
Page 151 - Gervais Un Cas de Conscience (Horsley). Vocabulary. 25 cts. Génin's Le Petit Tailleur Bouton (Lyon). Vocabulary. 25 cts. Assolant's Aventure du Célèbre Pierrot (Pain). Vocabulary. 25 cts. Assolant's Récits de la Vieille France.
Page 148 - Sudermann's Der Katzensteg (Wells). Abridged. 40 cts. Dahn's Sigwalt und Sigridh (Schmidt). 25 cts. Keller's Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe (Adams).
Page 150 - Fontaine's Livre de Lecture et de Conversation. 90 cts. Fraser and Squair's Abridged French Grammar.
Page 147 - Stuart (Rhoades). Illustrated. 60 cts. Vocab., 70 cts. Schiller's Wilhelm Tell (Deering). Illustrated. 50 cts. Vocab., 70 cts. Schiller's Ballads (Johnson). 60 cts. Baumbach's Der Schwiegersohn (Bernhardt). 30 cts. Vocabulary, 40 cts. Arnold's Fritz auf Ferien (Spanhoofd). Vocabulary. 25 cts. Heyse's Das Mädchen von Treppi (Joynes). Vocab. and exercises. 30 cts. Stille Wasser (Bernhardt). Three tales. Vocabulary. 35 cts.
Page 148 - Vocabulary. 30 cts. Selections for Sight Translation (Mondan). 15 cts. Selections for Advanced Sight Translation (Chamberlin). 15 cts. Aus Herz und Welt. Two stories, with notes by Dr. Wm. Bernhardt. 25 cts. Novelletten-Bibliothek. Vol. I, five stories.
Page 145 - With vocabulary. Follows the above or serves as independent reader. Cloth. 202 pages. 65 cts. Joynes's German Reader. Progressive, both in text and notes, has a complete vocabulary, also English Exercises. Half leather, 90 cts. Cloth, 75 cts. Deutsch...
Page 145 - Paper. 33 pages. Each, 12 cts. Homing's Materials for German Composition. Based on Der Schwiegersohn.
Page 145 - German Reader. 70 cts. Gore's German Science Reader. 75 cts. Harris's German Composition. 50 cts. Wesselhoeft's Exercises. Conversation and composition. 50 cts. Wesselhoeft's German Composition. 40 cts.
Page 147 - Jungfrau von Orleans (Wells). Illus. 60 cts. Vocab., 70 cts. Schiller's Maria Stuart (Rhoades). Illustrated. 60 cts. Vocab., 70 cts. Schiller's Wilhelm Tell (Deering). Illustrated. 50 cts. Vocab. , 70 cts.

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