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Book quality is below average

User Review  - Chandrashekhar... - Flipkart

Novel itself is great but physical characteristics of book are not good. 1) Font is so small that its difficult to read without holding book within 5 inches from your eyes. 2) Quality of pages is not ... Read full review

Review: A Beautiful Mind

User Review  - Syahira Sharif - Goodreads

I never would have thought a book on a real life person to be more interesting than the fictitious movie the book had inspired. It was amazing and so painfully cited that although it was an unofficial ... Read full review

Review: A Beautiful Mind

User Review  - Chad Sayban - Goodreads

At first glance, a biography of a mathematician would seem to make for a read dryer than the Sahara. However, John Nash is no ordinary mathematician and Sylvia Nasar is no ordinary biographer. In her ... Read full review


User Review  - Pawan Kaul - Flipkart

The book is very well written. The flow is very smooth. It was a pleasure to read about such a great mathematician. The book also gives insight into the problems faced by a psychiatric patient. At ... Read full review

Review: A Beautiful Mind

User Review  - Kevin - Goodreads

This book was eye-opening to the utmost. I read it because the movie is my all-time favorite and after revisiting it several times last year and noticing how my attitude towards it had changed since I ... Read full review

Review: A Beautiful Mind

User Review  - Kaixin - Goodreads

Interesting, very factual account of Nash's life. In addition to the ups and downs of Nash's life, you'll also learn a bit about history. There're some interesting questions or theories about ... Read full review

A worth it read for patients of Schizophrenia

User Review  - Flipkart

If i was a Psychiatrist, I would have advised all my patients to read this book. So that they would get encouragement to look forward in life, that they are not alone, and that they are not inferior, as a great mathematical genius had it. Read full review

One of the best book I have ever come across..

User Review  - J.Patel - Flipkart

After having brain through the fantastic movie of the same name, when I came across ABM, it made me speechless. Minute details from the life of J.Nash, where he lacked his concentration, where he made ... Read full review

Magnificient Biography

User Review  - Parag Kulkarni - Flipkart

Hi, If any one interested to know about the period of turmoil during second world war and its impact on scientific community in US , in general , this book will provide the answers.Moreover , Nash's ... Read full review

Excellent packaging.

User Review  - Damodar Shenoy - Flipkart

Book was excellently packed. in plastic wrap. Awesome quality. Thanks to flipkart. price less. Quality better than the best. How many stores do u know who offer qulaity books at low cost. I bet none ... Read full review

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