The Apples of New York, Volume 2 (Google eBook)

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J.B. Lyon, 1905 - Apples - 360 pages
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Page 31 - ... satisfactory is it as a keeper. It is recognized as a standard market variety and usually sells above the average prices for varieties of its class. In many localities it has proven a very satisfactory variety for the commercial orchard, because the tree is a fine grower, hardy, pretty long-lived, comes into bearing rather young and is a reliable cropper, yielding good to heavy crops biennially or almost annually. In many cases the fruit does not mature uniformly and there is considerable loss...
Page 134 - It is desirable for local markets and special trade but because of its lack of firmness it is less suitable for general handling. As grown at this Station it begins to ripen in late September or early October. In Western New York it cannot be expected to keep much later than October in ordinary storage without considerable loss but in cold storage it may be held until December or January (31).
Page 134 - It is susceptible to scab but this may be readily controlled with proper treatment. The crop ripens unevenly and a considerable portion of the fruit is liable to drop before -it is ready to pick. On this account it is best to make two or three pickings. In some localities the tree is said to be a somewhat slow grower and not satisfactorily productive, but more often it is found to be a rather strong grower, hardy and healthy. It comes into 10 Hort.
Page 128 - ... and slender; basin shallow, slightly plaited, calyx small and closed. Skin smooth, bright deep red, occasionally showing a yellow background and thickly sprinkled with whitish dots. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, fine-grained, juicy, mild, subacid, fair quality. Will keep till June or later. Lou. Originated from seed of Oldenburg, by Peter M. Gideon, Excelsior, Minn., from whom cions were received and topworked on a bearing tree in 1888. Tree a good grower with strong, upright branches. It came...
Page 188 - ... winter fruit, much admired for its tender, mild, juicy, and agreeable properties ; the size is small, the form round, the stalk of singular appearance, from a fleshy protuberance of the neighbouring part, resembling an aquiline nose, whence the apple derives its name the skin is rough, the colour yellow, with black clouds and spots the tree is of handsome and vigorous growth, with long shoots, and great fruitfulness : it is in every respect deserving of extensive cultivation.
Page 241 - We see, therefore, that they were called Joannina, because they ripened about St. John's Day. We have also among the old French pears Amire Joannet the Admired, or Wonderful Little John, which Merlet informs us was so called, because it ripened about St. John's Day. If then we add to Joannet the termination ing, so general among our names of apples, we have Joanneting. There can be no doubt that this is the correct derivation, and signification of the name of this apple...
Page 88 - Be this as it may, it is a common apple throughout Germany and Sweden, and was received from thence into the English collections.
Page 134 - The fruit is very attractive in app3arance, of bright deep red color and good size. The flesh is very tender, perfumed and delicious. It is desirable for local markets and special trade but because of its lack of firmness it is less suitable for general handling. As grown at this Station it begins to ripen in late September or early October. In western New York it cannot be expected to keep much later than October in ordinary storage without considerable loss but in cold storage it may be had until...
Page 137 - McMahan White. Introduced by AL Hatch, Ithaca, Wis., US This variety has already been noted in the report of this division of the Central Experimental Farm, but attention is again drawn to some of its merits as an apple of value for regions where Northern Spy, Ribston Pippin and Rhode Island Greening cannot be grown profitably on account of their inability to withstand the severity of the climate. It has proved so far a remarkably vigorous and healthy grower, making probably more well matured...
Page 134 - ... curved, stout with large terminal buds; internodes medium. Bark conspicuously yellow or tawny, lightly streaked with scarf-skin; pubescent. Lenticels quite numerous, medium to small, oval or elongated, not raised. Buds medium size, broad, plump, obtuse, free, slightly pubescent. FRUIT. Fruit medium or above medium, sometimes large, pretty uniform in shape and size. Form roundish ovate to roundish conic or oblate conic, slightly ribbed; sides unequal. Stem medium to long, rather thick. Cavity...

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