John Calvin: the organiser of Reformed Protestantism, 1509-1564 (Google eBook)

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Putnam, 1906 - Biography & Autobiography - 456 pages
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A lot of facts. A lot of names. Not the type of read I was looking for. I was looking for an easier read.


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Page 460 - A SERIES of biographical studies of the lives and work of a number of representative historical characters about whom have gathered the great traditions of the Nations to which they belonged, and who have been accepted, in many instances, as types of the several National ideals. With the life of each typical character will be presented a picture of the National conditions surrounding him during his career. The narratives are the work of writers who are recognized authorities on their several subjects,...
Page 462 - Other volumes in preparation are : MOLTKE. By Spencer Wilkinson. JUDAS MACCABEUS. By Israel Abrahams. SOBIESKI. By FA Pollard. ALFRED THE TRUTHTELLER. By Frederick Perry. FREDERICK II. By AL Smith. MARLBOROUGH. By CWC Oman. RICHARD THE LION-HEARTED By TA Archer. WILLIAM THE SILENT. By Ruth Putnam.
Page 461 - By W. Warde Fowler. WYCLIF. By Lewis Sergeant. NAPOLEON. By W. O'Connor Morris. HENRY OF NAVARRE. By P. F. Willert. CICERO. By JL StrachanDavidson. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By Noah Brooks. PRINCE HENRY (OF PORTUGAL) THE NAVIGATOR. By CR Beazley. JULIAN THE PHILOSOPHER. By Alice Gardner. LOUIS XIV. By Arthur HassalL CHARLES XII. By R. Nisbet Bain. LORENZO DE
Page 461 - Herbert Maxwell. HANNIBAL. By W. O'Connor Morris. ULYSSES S. GRANT. By William Conant Church. ROBERT E. LEE. By Henry Alexander White. THE CID CAMPEADOR. By H. Butler Clarke. SALADIN. By Stanley Lane-Poole. BISMARCK. By JW Headlam. ALEXANDER THE GREAT. By Benjamin I. Wheeler. CHARLEMAGNE. By HWC Davis. OLIVER CROMWELL. By Charles Firth. RICHELIEU. By James B. Perkins. DANIEL O'CONNELL. By Robert Dunlop.
Page 131 - My objects were, first, to prove that these reports were false and calumnious, and thus to vindicate my brethren, whose death was precious in the sight of the Lord ; and next, that as the same cruelties might very soon after be exercised against many unhappy individuals, foreign nations might be touched with at least some compassion towards them and solicitude about them.
Page 411 - Let it therefore be held as fixed, that those who are inwardly taught by the Holy Spirit acquiesce implicitly in Scripture; that Scripture carrying its own evidence along with it, deigns not to submit to proofs and arguments, but owes the full conviction with which we ought to receive it to the testimony of the Spirit.
Page 75 - Offended by the novelty, I lent an unwilling ear, and at first, I confess, strenuously and passionately resisted; for (such is the firmness or effrontery with which it is natural to men to persist in the course which they have once undertaken) it was with the greatest difficulty I was induced to confess that I had all my life long been in ignorance and error.
Page 144 - We that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves, for even Christ pleased not himself.
Page 136 - ... extremity; yet so that in our patience, we will possess our souls, and wait for the strong hand of the Lord, which, doubtless, will appear in its own time, and show itself armed, both to rescue the poor from affliction, and also take vengeance on the despisers, who are now exulting so securely. Most illustrious King, may the Lord, the King of kings, establish your throne in righteousness and your sceptre in equity.
Page 377 - the most perfect school of Christ that ever was on the earth since the days of the Apostles.

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