Parenting the Homosexually Developing Adolescent: Preparing Your Child for Successful Adulthood and Social Competency

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Createspace Independent Pub, Jan 19, 2011 - Family & Relationships - 166 pages
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"I am not worthy of true love or affection." "I can only have a long-term, intimate relationship if it is held in secret." "If I were heterosexual, I would be a good person." "I will lose my value as a human being and be marginalized by other homosexual people when I am old." "I will die alone and lonely." "If I succeed I am not REALLY a success." "I can make people angry." "God is off limits to me." "I make people miserable." "I have the power to embarrass people." "I make my parents cry." Armistead Maupin (May 13, 1944 - ) once said, I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don't make that mistake yourself. Life's too damn short. I still, at times, find myself thinking crazily and preventing myself from fully loving someone. After all, I was taught very early in my life, and every day thereafter, how to make assessments of my character using a very inflexible measure of my success - heterosexuality. Being homosexual, especially in my earlier developmental years, was a burden for me. It will take quite a while for me to overcome those years of exposure the dangerous ideas I was expected to accommodate. As I work toward fulfilling my life using more sensible measures of achievement, I am satisfied that I have already discovered one important truth: Enduring, long-lasting contentment may not be a real prospect for anyone, not just homosexual, gay-gendered people. As long as society holds its members to a uniform masculine/feminine gender identity, restricts behavior based on sex assignment and exposes boys and girls to a double standard for their behavior, we will all stay fairly miserable. "A little outrageous, a little far-fetched, but always thought-provoking, the Nurturing the Homosexually Developing Adolescent is an examination of the lasting impact gender role assignment can have on the early development of gay social gendered people." Sandra Flannery, Boston Massachusetts (2011) "Nurturing the Homosexually Developing Adolescent recognizes the weaknesses inherent in the early social education of gay social gendered people and offers suggestions for broadening the masculine/feminine gender standard our culture now celebrates." Nelson Bottoms, Lousiville, Kentucky (2011) "Nothing can bring you better happiness than yourself." Stuart Owen, Lexington Kentucky (2011)

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