Syria: The Desert & the Sown (Google eBook)

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Heinemann, 1907 - History - 347 pages
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Page 23 - With me along the strip of Herbage strown That just divides the desert from the sown...
Page 1 - To those bred under an elaborate social order few such moments of exhilaration can come as that which stands at the threshold of wild travel.
Page 193 - I have heard that the men of science are your prophets." " And they make answer that they know nothing," I observed. " Their eyes have explored the stars, yet they cannot tell us the meaning of the word infinity." " If you speak of the infinite sky," remarked the Kadi, " we know that it is occupied by seven heavens." " And what beyond the seventh heaven ? " " Does not your Excellency know that the number one is the beginning of all things ?
Page 340 - Listen, oh lady," said Mikhail, "and I will make it clear to you. Men are short of vision, and they see but that for which they look. Some look for evil and they find evil; some look for good and it is good that they find, and moreover some are fortunate and these find always what they want. Praise be to God ! to that number you belong. And, please God ! you shall journey in peace and return in safety to your own land, and there you shall meet his Excellency your father, and your mother and all your...
Page 2 - The west wind swept up from the Mediterranean, hurried across the plain where the Canaanites waged war with the stubborn hill dwellers of Judaea, and leapt the barrier of mountains to which the kings of Assyria and of Egypt had laid vain siege. It shouted the news of rain to Jerusalem and raced onwards THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE, JERUSALEM down the barren eastern slopes, cleared the deep bed of Jordan with a bound, and vanished across the hills of Moab into the desert. And all the hounds of...
Page 228 - I am a man of Konia," as the case may be, just as the Syrian will reply that he is a native of Damascus or Aleppo—I have already indicated that Syria is merely a geographical term corresponding to no national sentiment in the breasts of the inhabitants.
Page 60 - He had struck the note," she goes on; "I looked out beyond him into the night and saw the desert with his eyes, no longer empty but set thicker with human associations than any city. Every line of it took on significance, every stone was like the ghost of a hearth in which the warmth of Arab life was scarcely cold, though the fire might have been extinguished this hundred years.
Page ix - I desired to write not so much a book of travel as an account of the people whom I met or who accompanied me on my way, and to show what the world is like in which they live and how it appears to them.
Page 60 - ... extinguished this hundred years. It was a city of shadowy outlines, visible one under the other, fleeting and changing, combining into new shapes elements that are as old as time, the new indistinguishable from the old and the old from the new. "There is no name for it. The Arabs do not speak of the desert or wilderness as we do. Why should they? To them it is neither desert nor wilderness, but a land of which they know every feature, a mother country whose smallest product has a use sufficient...

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