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J. Murray, 1898 - English essays - 308 pages
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Page 30 - Later on he became engaged, as already said, to come regularly and play twice a week, — it may, perhaps, appear superfluous for one who was studying medicine, but the old man's terms were so small, and you know I have always been so fond of music. Besides it was the only recreation at hand — I was working hard in the Hotel de l'Avenir, for I was to take my degree in the spring. So passed the autumn, and the hard time came. The rich tried on the new winter fashions, and the poor shivered with...
Page 242 - L'infausta verità. Dalle mie vaghe immagini So ben ch'ella discorda: So che natura è sorda. Che miserar non sa. Che non del ben sollecita Fu, ma dell'esser solo: Purché ci serbi al duolo, Or d'altro a lei non cai.
Page 33 - I suddenly left my lodgings and removed to the H6tel Dieu to take the place of a comrade, and weeks passed before I put my foot out of the hospital. I remember it so well, it was the very New Year's Day we met each other again. I was crossing the Place de Notre Dame, mass was just over, and the people were streaming out of the old cathedral. As usual, a row of beggars was standing before the door, imploring the charity of the churchgoers. The severe winter had increased their number, and besides...
Page 43 - God knows what has become of Don Gaetano. If you happen to hear a melancholy old barrel-organ in the courtyard, go to the window and give a penny to the poor errant musician — perhaps it is Don Gaetano! If you find that his organ disturbs you, try if you like it better by making him stand a little farther off, but don't send him away with harshness ! He has to hear so many hard words as it is ; why should not we then be a little kind to him — we who love music...
Page 38 - ... and knocked, but no one answered, so I opened the door myself. The room was brightly lit up by a blazing fire. With his back towards the door, Don Gaetano was on his knees before the stove busy heating a little saucepan over the fire, beside him on the floor lay an old mattress with the...
Page 43 - Naples who was bled twice. the pawn-shop, and now and then a copper did fall into his hat also. He did not die of starvation, and that was about all he asked of life. So the spring came and I left Paris ; and God knows what has become of Don Gaetano. If you happen to hear a melancholy old barrel-organ in the courtyard, go to the window and give a penny to the poor errant...
Page 39 - Primo il latte, primo il latte" admonished the old man. "Non importa, piglia tu una,"2 he repented, and took a big burnt almond out of the paper bag ; the little hand disappeared, and a crunching was heard under the cloak. Don Gaetano poured the warm milk in a saucer, and then he carefully lifted up a corner of the cloak. There lay the poor little monkey with heaving breast and eyes glowing with fever. Her face had become so...
Page 156 - A man of culture recognises his obligations towards animals as a compensation for the servitude he imposes on them. The pursuing and killing of animals for mere pleasure is incompatible with the fulfilment of these obligations. Sympathy extending beyond the limit of humanity — ie, kindness to animals — is one of the latest moral qualities acquired by mankind. This sympathy is absolutely lacking in the lowest human races, and the degree of it which a man possesses marks the distance which separates...
Page 37 - H6pital de la Pitie, and I saw him disappear into a dirty old house. I waited outside a minute or two, and then I groped my way through the pitch-dark entrance, climbed up a filthy staircase, and found a door slightly ajar. An icy, dark room, in the middle three ragged little children crouched together around a halfextinct...
Page 168 - All I can say is that I do not believe that we could intelligently move much faster than this accelerated schedule that we have here.

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