The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, Volume 22 (Google eBook)

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A. Constable, 1814
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Page 83 - Here let those reign, whom pensions can incite To vote a patriot black, a courtier white; Explain their country's dear-bought rights away...
Page 78 - A cherub's face, a reptile all the rest. Beauty that shocks you, parts that none' will trust, Wit that can creep, and pride that licks the dust.
Page 239 - An Account of the Systems of Husbandry adopted in the more improved districts of Scotland; with some observations on the improvements of which they are susceptible.
Page 78 - Now high, now low, now master up, now miss, And he himself one vile antithesis. Amphibious thing ! that acting either part, The trifling head, or the corrupted heart ; Fop at the toilet, flatterer at the board, Now trips a lady, and now struts a lord.
Page 80 - Thus we are in the condition of patients, who have physic sent them by doctors at a distance, strangers to their constitution and the nature of their disease...
Page 49 - There — in the west ! and now, alas, 'tis gone ! — 'Twas all a dream ! we gaze and gaze in vain ! But mark and speak not, there it comes again ! It moves ! — what form unseen, what being there With torch-like lustre fires the murky air ? His instincts, passions, say, how like our own ! O, when will day reveal a world unknown...
Page 86 - Here is a specimen of the new and pure aristocracy created by the right honourable gentleman,* as the support of the crown and constitution, against the old, corrupt, refractory, natural interests of this kingdom ; and this is the grand counterpoise against all odious coalitions of these interests.
Page 250 - SHIPWRECKS and DISASTERS at SEA ; or Historical Narratives of the most noted Calamities and Providential Deliverances which have resulted from MARITIME ENTERPRISE; with a Sketch of Various Expedients for preserving the Lives of Mariners.
Page 79 - Thomas, Earl of Wharton, lord lieutenant of Ireland, by the force of a wonderful constitution, has some years passed his grand climacteric, without any visible effects of old age, either on his body or his mind ; and in spite of a continual prostitution to those vices, which usually wear out both. His behaviour is in all the forms of a young man at five-and-twenty. Whether he walks, or whistles, or swears, or talks bawdy, or calls names, he acquits himself in each, beyond a templar of three years...
Page 489 - The Worth of a Penny: or, A Caution to keep Money. WITH THE CAUSES OF THE SCARCITY AND MISERY OF THE WANT THEREOF, in these hard and Merciless Times. As also HOW TO SAVE IT, in OUR DIET, APPAREL, RECREATIONS, &c.

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