The Flora of British India, Volume 5 (Google eBook)

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L. Reeve, 1890 - Botany
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Page 344 - Female flowers: sepals ovate, caducous; staminodes 5, small or 0; ovary exserted, 3-4- celled; styles long, -linear, stout, entire; ovules 2 in each cell. Fruit globose, fleshy, with 3-4 cells lined with a 2-valved endocarp.
Page 306 - ... cell. Capsule of 3 or more 2valved cocci, often with twice as many lobes as cells, globose or orbicular and •depressed or intruded at the base and top, crowned by the often enlarged style ; •cocci coriaceous or crustaceous, epicarp separable or not. Seeds hemispherical or laterally compressed, testa crustaceous with often a succulent coat, albumen fleshy, cotyledons flat.
Page 496 - Trees or shrubs, flowers minute, unisexual on the inner walls of a fleshy receptacle, the mouth of which is closed by imbricated bracts ; flowers often mixed with bracteoles, stamens one or two, perianth of female flowers often imperfect.
Page 659 - Male flowers shortly pedicelled, solitary in a subglobose muricate spathe ; females sessile 1-2 in a tubular 2 toothed spathe. Sepals 3, ovate or obovate green, petals 3 oblong or cuneiform. Stamens 3, anthers large reniform, opening with an elastic jerk. Pistillode minute. Female flowers, sepals 3, linear green. Petals 3 narrow. Ovary produced beyond the spathe into a filiform beak, 1-celled ; styles 2-3, linear, undivided, stigmas fimbriate. Fruit subulate, smooth and muricate. Seeds 2-3 oblong,...
Page 443 - A small, evergreen tree, found throughout Tropical India; along the foot of the Himalaya from Kashmir eastwards (ascending to 5,000 feet); all over Bengal and Burma, Singapore, and the Andaman Islands; and from Sind southwards to Ceylon. Distributed to China, the Malay Islands, and Australia.
Page 639 - ... short ; anthers erect, extrorse, connective at the top truncate or 2-dentate ; pistillate perianth similar to the staminate; ovary sessile, 1-celled, ovoid; style subulate, stigmatic to one side ; ovule solitary, pendulous, orthotropous ; fruit a coriaceous nut, ovoid or ellipsoid, somewhat compressed, terminating in an elongate subulate style, and with a styliform spur projecting from above the base on either side ; seeds exalbuminous. Monotypic family widely distributed all over the world....
Page 223 - ... the segments usually deciduous; anthers broad, ovate or oblong, the cells not distinct, sessile, adnate to the perianth-lobes, opening by many pores; ovary inferior; stigma sessile or subsessile, large, pulvinate.
Page 245 - Fls : a solitary pedicelled, 3-celled, 3-ovuled ovary in the centre of the involucre, also without envelopes; styles 3, free or combined, simple or 2-fid. Capsule of 3-2-valved cocci separating elastically from a columella and dehiscing ventrally and dorsally.
Page 56 - Kumaon, and of which Royle says that Major Hearsay, Moorcroft's companion, has described two kinds to me, one round-leaved and short-stalked, and the other short-stalked, but large and broad-leaved. (R. Moorcroftianum, Nob.) with the root more purgative than that of the former.
Page 293 - ... decumbent herb (sometimes perennial), glabrous or nearly so, the stem and branches angled. Leaves variable in size, 4 to 16 mm. long, sessile, distichously imbricate (in 2 rows), lanceolate, oblong or linear-oblong, tip rounded or apiculate, stipules peltate; flowers very minute, male smaller than female, axillary, subsessile; sepals ciliolate; filaments very short, free; ovary densely granulate; styles short, free, 2-fld; fruit echinate; seeds transversely furrowed. Collected in Guam by Gaudichaud....

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