ELIZABETH: The Struggle for the Throne

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In brisk, bracing prose, a freelance historian follows England's first Queen Elizabeth from birth to the early days of her reign.Starkey (Henry VIII, not reviewed) develops the thesis that among the young queen's principal virtues was "a sort of humanity" that distinguished her from most of her predecessors, including her own sister, "Bloody Mary" Tudor (who burned 300 religious opponents at the ... Read full review

Review: Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne

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Queen Elizabeth I of England is arguably the only woman ever to give her name to an entire historical era. Four hundred years after her death in 1603, this remarkable woman continues to cast a fascinating spell over writers and readers on both sides of the Atlantic.British writer and historian David Starkey has now produced the first installment of what will eventually become a twovolume biography ... Read full review

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