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Page 16 - During the latter part of the Eighteenth and the early part of the Nineteenth Century a number of insurrections and revolts were instituted, but were successfully put down by the Spaniards.
Page 21 - ART. 45. The Senate shall be composed of four Senators from each Province, elected therefrom for a period of eight years by the provincial councilmen and by a double number of electors, who, together with the provincial councilmen, shall constitute an Electoral Board. One-half of the electors must be persons who pay the highest amount of taxes and the remainder shall possess the qualifications that may be determined by law. All of the electors must also be of age and residents of municipal districts...
Page 533 - Passage, on the south by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west by the province of Camagiiey.
Page 23 - ... for ordinary offenses. Fourth. To possess, in addition, any of the following qualifications: To have practiced in Cuba, during ten years at least, the profession of law, or discharged for a like period of time judicial duties, or occupied for the same number of years a chair of law in an official educational establishment. Other persons may be also appointed to the positions of Chief Justice and justices of the Supreme Court, provided they possess the qualifications required by conditions 1,...
Page 22 - The President of the Republic shall be elected by Presidential electors on one single day and as provided for by law. The term of office shall be four years, and no person shall be President for three consecutive terms.
Page 22 - ART. 72. There shall be a Vice-President of the Republic, who shall be elected in the same manner and for a like period of time as the President and conjointly with the latter. To become Vice-President, the same qualifications prescribed for President by this Constitution are necessary. ART. 73. The Vice-President of the Republic shall be President of the Senate, but shall only be entitled to vote in case of a tie.
Page 21 - To have attained to the age of 35 years. Third. To be in full possession of all civil and political rights. ART. 47. The inherent attributes of the Senate are First. To try, sitting as a court of justice, the President of the Republic whenever he be accused by the House of Representatives of crimes against the external security of the State, against the...
Page 16 - During the next fourteen years the island enjoyed a period of comparative quiet and prosperity. "In 1868 a revolution broke out in Spain, and in October the natives of Cuba took up arms and declared their independence. During this period many of the nations of the Western Hemisphere recognized the Cubans as belligerents.
Page 18 - ... and on December 10 a treaty of peace between the United States and Spain was signed at Paris. It was ratified by the President February 6...
Page 26 - Principe, presents little relief, but consists in the main of broad, undulating plains and shallow valleys, the land rising only in a few places to any considerable altitude. It is only at the two extremes of the island, in the province of Pinar del Rio on the west and Santiago on the east, that the island presents any considerable or well-defined relief features.

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