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iUniverse, Mar 23, 2011 - Fiction
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Before time is even a named concept, a war among beings of infinite power, fury, and ambition rages. After seemingly endless conflict, a victor is named. The ultimate being enforces the ultimate punishment upon its archrival: the utter obliteration of anything resembling form, consciousness, memory, or self. But despite the intense and thorough acts of banishment and dismemberment among twelve separate realms of dimension, a grain of the archrival's consciousness has remained intact. It has been patient ... but it has not been forgiving.

In this dimension, it reforms, and it is first known as the Pharaoh Cheops. But the archrival's deception does not go unnoticed, and the Formless, its ancient guard, appears. To prevent the transfer of the ancient spirit into the pharaoh's infant son, the child is murdered and his brain is placed in a canopic jar. The archrival is contained once again ... or so the Formless believes. But consciousness remains and, once again, is patient. It sees an opportunity, a gate, in an unexpected host-Daemonorops Draco, a palm tree.

In more modern times, Misty, a college student, and her friends enact a necromancy ritual. Misty and her friends drift in an out of a dreamlike state so intense they are no longer sure of reality. Misty is transformed into a real necromancer able to travelthe twelve dimensions of existences. Her new found power is soon challenged by a great cosmic struggle. Misty has good intentions for all life, but the source of her power has its own agenda.


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