The Red Church Or the Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei

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Pendraig Publishing, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 548 pages
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A comprehensive guide to the history, theory and practice of Pow Wow, this book draws upon historical documentation, traditional methods, and a life of personal experience. Pow Wow, or Braucherei, as it is known by its practitioners, is a system of folk magic that has its roots in Christian and Pre-Christian Germany, but its character is wholy American - the quintissential American magical system. Drawing on quotes from the Bible, qabalistic principles and old gromoires, it is empowered by the Holy Trinity, and most practitioners consider themselves to be Christian, much like the Cunning Folk of England. The final chapter, about Doctor Santee, references material and uses a photograph that is copyright GLHoke, and used with permission. "The Red Church: The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei is the finest book on German magic to be seen in decades. Comprehensive in its historical, philosophical and cultural roots, The Red Church is a book that will be appreciated by academics and modern practitioners of not just folk and ceremonial magic alike, but also energetic and faith healing, symbolism, and cultural psychology. Extensively researched and documented, no one interested in the survival of Medieval and Renaissance magic into the modern era should be without a copy of it within easy reach." - Mark Stavish, Director of Studies, Institute for Hermetic Studies, author of, The Path of Alchemy, Freemasonry - Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society, and Between the Gates: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the Body of Light.

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If you are looking for historical and cultural information about the practice of braucherei, then there is no other better published source. I cannot disagree with the other reviewer about the section on Edna Kishbaugh (sp?) because I did not know the woman, and I feel this section of the book was ill-placed and really didn't do anything to further the reader's information about braucherei. However, that section of the book can happily be skipped. There are very few written sources of information about Pennsylvania German braucherei that can be trusted, so this book is a great find. 

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Being a direct blood relative of the late Edna Kishbaugh Williams, I know her life well. Much of what is written about her here is pure and utter bullshit. She/we have very little Indian blood in us, her mother was never a blood stopper, Edna had no degenerative disease. Granted, Edna liked to enhance and embellish stories. If these particular stories came from Edna directly, that's what they are: stories. If it was a fabrication by the author to fill in missing pieces, such as her limp being due to "arthritis" as another asshole author claimed, then I suggest you do a little more careful research and interview family members. We know the story. No doubt about it, Edna was an amazing woman. BUT a lot of her "biography" is pure fiction.  


Introduction to The Red Church
The History of Braucherei
A History of the Pennsylvania Germans
An Overview of Braucherei Practice
The Problem of Braucherei the cultural setting
A Brauchers Pharmacopeia
Table of Planetary Hours

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