Medical Record, Volume 92 (Google eBook)

Front Cover
George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman
W. Wood., 1917 - Medicine
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Page 36 - Progressive Medicine. A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences, edited by Hobart...
Page 29 - The incumbent of this position will be in charge of the office of the Chief Medical Examiner of...
Page 161 - Advertisements relating to certain diseases prohibited. Whoever publishes, delivers or distributes or causes to be published, delivered or distributed in any manner whatsoever an advertisement concerning a venereal disease, lost manhood, lost vitality, impotency, sexual weakness, seminal emissions, varicocele, self-abuse or excessive sexual indulgence and calling attention to a medicine, article or preparation that may be used therefor or to a person or persons from whom or an office or place at...
Page 243 - To open an office for such purpose, or to announce to the public in any way a readiness to treat the sick or afflicted shall be deemed to engage in the practice of medicine within the meaning of this act.
Page 67 - An Act to authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military establishment of the United States", approved May 18, 1917, or any.
Page 29 - They must present satisfactory evidence of having done, in an official connection, at least ten years' work in the pathological laboratory of a recognized medical school, hospital, asylum, or public morgue, or in other corresponding official capacity, and of having performed at least five hundred necropsies.
Page 16 - One fact well deserving our attention is this, that a child born of a mother who is without any obvious venereal symptoms, and which, without being exposed to any infection subsequent to its birth, shows this disease when a few weeks old, this child will infect the most healthy nurse, whether she suckle it or merely handle and dress it ; and yet this child is never known to infect its own mother, even though she suckle it while it has venereal ulcers of the lips and tongue.
Page 159 - The National Committee for Mental Hygiene has created a subcommittee on furnishing hospital units for nervous and mental disorders to the United States Government, the project having been approved by Surgeon General WC Gorgas of the US Army.
Page 265 - Perhaps the most important of these is the official recognition — he believes for the first time in the history of the world, certainly in the history of this country — of physiological standards for such drugs as digitalis, cannabis indica, hypophysis and suprarenal. In the cases of aconite, digitalis, strophanthus, squill and suprarenal, the biological standard is advised, but is made compulsory only in the cases of cannabis and solution of hypophysis.

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