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This book is completely, utterly exotic. I have never read such a book -one that would send a shiver up my spine -and one that would also move me close to tears. This is the best book I have ever read in years. The 'savage significance' mentioned in the review was quite impulsive, and it took over the humane behavior of the schoolboys, which was the part where I was a bit freaked out. It was amazingly terrifying how these boys could stand to like make their friend the 'pig' and then make him go on all fours, hitting and chasing him with spears. The really moving part was when they were discovered on the island, and suddenly the other boys' conscience knocked on their doorsteps and Ralph broke down and cried. He must've gone a little nuts. I would have. Imagine being chased by your schoolmates who were acting like absolute barbarians, killing each other and torturing each other with spears and knives.
To "Piggy": RIP. :D

On the fragility of man's enterprises

User Review  - Tanmay Thakkar - Flipkart

One of the most celebrated books of our time and rightly so. A fascinating insight into human nature and society shown through a small group of young boys. Filled with intricate symbolism which ... Read full review

What a book!!!

User Review  - Priyanshu Jain - Flipkart

Exceptional book. Great storyline and wonderful description of the places and people. Shows the darker side of humans so nicely. Must read... Read full review

Deep Philosophy

User Review  - Aishik Saha - Flipkart

Has to read it twice to understand the true value of the book. There'll be parts where you'd wanna throw the book away in disgust but then understand it's essence. Truly the works of a man who deserves a Nobel Prize. Read full review

Must read

User Review  - Deepak Lakhwani - Flipkart

Read it as a kid and makes for a good story.. read it as an adult and you understand much more about human nature. I read this a decade ago.. and i am reading it again. Still very relevant and very beautiful. Read full review


User Review  - Flipkart

It is a perfectly constructed book made of best quality paper and great binding. Even after reading it twice in all sorts of positions conceivable the books remains as good as new. And speaking of the ... Read full review


User Review  - anamika gopi - Flipkart

Amazing book. It challenges your thinking and it is very thought provoking, and it gives you a different perspective on humanity and an insight into the dark side of society and individuals. Read full review

Review: Lord of the Flies

User Review  - Riku Sayuj - Goodreads

This tends to me among the top five books I recommend to anyone who cares to ask. Questioning and undermining Rousseau's 'noble savage' was one of its essential goals (as Alan mentions below), hence ... Read full review

Good Read

User Review  - Sumanth Sudheer - Flipkart

What starts off as a picnic and dream situation without any parental care, corrupts young minds and soon they succumb to their natural instincts. Book depicts human tendency to dominate and its ... Read full review

Awesome Book, A Must Read Book...!!!

User Review  - Abhijit Thakore - Flipkart

the story shows us the Brutal Truth of life. Normally people blame the society, that because of the society they became evil. But the story tells us that There is evil inside us, sooner or later, we all have to face it. Read full review

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