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Life of the pl

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its a great thing........

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This version, prepared for the english reader who does not have the benefit of a classics education, brings close to the inquiring mind, one of the worlds greatest minds in the pursuance of the understanding of the space that we move in .
As a document of the powers of reasoning passed down to us from the Greek fathers, as taken up and promulgated by admirers in And before Newton's time, it is surpassingly fit to receive the highest accolade of the art. But those who do not have the benefit of a classics education will be the poorer, even though being enriched by the reading of it; for Mr Newton makes great use of the Stoikeioon of Euclid from the greek, which should the reader acquaint himself or herself therewith would more than rewad the effort and dispel many great myths besides.
Nevertheless, Mr. Newton takes pains to rightly convey the sense in all its pertinent nuances of the material in the Stoikeioon, thus revealing the dynamic nature of the Euclidean notions,
The thoroughness of Mr. Newton engenders confidence even in this late stage in history, supporting notions of the indisputableness of his analysis. That we have moved on to Einstein should in no way be taken as an admission of error, but rather as a loss of resonance with the nuanced arguments and insight of Mr, Newton.
It is well worth its place in any scietific library and it is also well worth the read.

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i like this book .
everybody who interested in our universe should rad it

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