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Page 109 - Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battell array. 6. " Before their face the people shall be much pained
Page 109 - Before their face the people shall be much pained : all faces shall gather blacknesse. 7. " They shall run like mighty men, they shall climbe the wall like men of warre, and they shall march every one in his wayes, and they shall not break their ranks. 8. " Neither shall one thrust another, they shall walk
Page 51 - Lacks not artillery breathing flame and night, Nor the fleet ordnance whirl'd by rapid steed, That rivals lightning's flash in ruin and in speed. LVIII. A various host—from kindred realms they came, Brethren in arms, but rivals in renown— For yon fair bands shall merry England claim, And with their deeds of valour deck her crown.
Page 67 - Sharper than Polish pike or assagay, He braved the shafts of censure and of shame, And, dearer far than life, he pledged a soldier's fame. XVI. Nor be his praise o'erpast who strove to hide Beneath the warrior's vest affection's wound, Whose wish, Heaven for his country's weal denied; Danger and fate he sought, but glory found.
Page 25 - the fate of battles ere they bled, And issue of events that had not been; And ever and anon strange sounds were heard between. XIX. First shrilled an unrepeated female shriek !— • It seemed as if Don Roderick knew the call, For the bold blood was blanching in his cheek. Then answered kettle-drum and atabal,
Page 17 - IX. O hardened offspring of an iron race ! What of thy crimes, Don Roderick, shall I say ? What alms, or prayers, or penance can efface Murder's dark spot, wash treason's stain away ! For the foul ravisher how shall I pray, Who, scarce repentant, makes his crime his boast ? How hope Almighty vengeance shall delay,
Page 62 - as fore-doomed the stain From thy dishonoured name and arms to clear— Fallen Child of Fortune, turn, redeem her favour here ! IX. Yet, ere thou turn'st, collect each distant aid ; Those chief that never heard the Lion roar ! Within whose souls lives not a trace pourtray'd, Of Talavera, or Mondego's shore ! The literal translation of
Page 15 - Or boast that he had seen, when conscience shook, Fear tame a monarch's brow, remorse a warrior's look. VII. The old man's faded cheek waxed yet more pale, As many a secret sad the king bewray'd ; And sign and glance eked out the unfinished tale, When in the midst his faultering whisper staid.—
Page 28 - The loveliest maidens of the Christian line ; Then, menials to their misbelieving foes, Castile's young nobles held forbidden wine ; Then, too, the holy Cross, salvation's sign, By impious hands was from the altar thrown, And the deep aisles of the polluted shrine Echoed, for holy hymn and organ-tone, The Santon's frantic dance, the Fakir's gibbering moan.
Page 40 - Nor thought, nor feared, nor looked on what he trode; Realms could not glut his pride, blood could not slake, So oft as e'er she shook her torch abroad— It was AMBITION bade his terrors wake, Nor deigned she, as of yore, a milder form to take. XLI. No longer now she spurned at mean revenge, Or

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