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An excellent read. It was hard to put the book down, and one that I actually finished. The story is full of edge-of-seat suspense which tells the true stories associated with one women who had a huge role in bringing down Hitler's forces. From reading about her encounters and conduct, I can see that she was a person of great sacrificial character that also possessed a clear conviction of the importance of attention to detail. By her consiouncous efforts to keep things totally objective and by observing every rule, she not only survived the war by avoided death by the germans, but achieved major victories with everything she did; every transmission she sent, every resistance member she encounted, and every act of reistance she carried out. Every little thing she did, rolled into one huge effort that today results in France and Europe free of cruel Nazi reign. My grandmother had a much smaller role in Europe at the time, and though heroic, was very minor compared with Virginia's efforts.
Well done Virginia.

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