The Boston Book Market, 1679-1700 (Google eBook)

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Club of odd volumes, 1917 - Book industries and trade - 197 pages
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Page 127 - A Token for Children, being an Exact Account of the Conversion, Holy and Exemplary Lives and Joyful Deaths of Several Young Children, by James J anew ay.
Page 99 - The Perfect Politician; or, A Full View of the Life and Actions (Military and Civil) of O.
Page 9 - ... Eliza, which caus'd me to reflect on Mr. Taylor's Discourse. And his Prayer was for pardon of error in our ways which made me think whether it were not best to overlook all, and go on. This day John Ive, fishing in great Spie-pond, is arrested with mortal sickness which renders him in a maiier speechless and senseless ; dies next day ; buried at Charlestown on the Wednesday.
Page 99 - The Heavenly Trade, or the Best Merchandizing : The only way to live well in Impoverishing Times. A Discourse occasioned from the decay of Earthly Trades, and visible wastes of Practical Piety in the day we live in, offering Arguments and Counsels to all, towards a speedy revival of dying Godliness and timely prevention of the dangerous issues thereof impending on us.
Page 86 - I speak to him about his cutting off his Hair, and wearing a Perriwig of contrary Colour: mention the words of our Saviour, Can ye not make one Hair white or black: and Mr. Alsop's Sermon. He alledges, The Doctor advised him to it.
Page 124 - A chronicle of the kings of England, from the time of the Romans...
Page 140 - A Token for Mourners : or the advice of Christ to a distressed mother, bewailing the death of her dear and only son,
Page 103 - The Unlucky Citizen Experimentally described in the various Misfortunes of an Unlucky Londoner...
Page 128 - War with the Devil, or, the Young Man's Conflict with the Powers of Darkness...
Page 75 - A Theatre of Politicall Flying-Insects. Wherein especially the nature, the worth, the work, the wonder, and the manner of right-ordering of the Bee is discovered and described.

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