Misrepresentations of early California history corrected: proceedings of the Society of California Pioneers in regard to certain misrepresentations of men and events in early California history (Google eBook)

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Sterett Printing Company, 1894 - History - 37 pages
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Page 15 - ... an attorney at law has become and is disqualified for 'the office of attorney and counselor at law, for reasons specified in the information, any justice of the supreme judicial court may, in the name of the state, issue a rule requiring the attorney informed against, to appear on a day fixed, to show cause why his name should not be struck from the roll of attorneys, which rule, with an attested copy of the information, shall be served upon such attorney in such manner as the justice directs,...
Page 16 - ... time determine, and in all appropriate matters to advance the interests and perpetuate the memory of those whose sagacity, energy, and enterprise induced them to settle in the wilderness and become the founders of a new state.
Page 35 - Have the bells ready to toll at eight o'clock, as I shall be there at that time...
Page 12 - Society of California Pioneers, Misrepresentations of Early California History Corrected: Proceedings of the Society of California Pioneers in regard to Certain Misrepresentations of Men and Events in Early California History Made in the Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft and Commonly Known as Bancroft's Histories (San Francisco, 1894).
Page 27 - ... society. It was predetermined by the people that these Indians should die. For myself I think they were guilty and ought to have died. But I would not on that account as a narrator of facts indulge in divers little fictions to make the affair more pathetic. Nor was it at all necessary for the Spectator to pat the judge on the back for being "so firm and fearless." There was not the slightest danger that Pratt would go against the people in this matter. But he ruled as he did, not so much from...
Page 19 - Slitter's establishment did something to promote the influx of Amer. settlers, it was in no sense beneficial to the interests of the US, merely fomenting filibnsterism with all its unhappy results. The discovery of gold, often mentioned in this connection, was purely accidental; but I cannot see that its postponement for a time would have done any harm; and I can imagine that its...
Page 22 - From fifty to sixty were crowded into a mum eighteen to twenty feet square. They could not all sit at once, even in that vile pool, still less lie down. The cells were so low and tight that the only way of getting air enough to sustain life was to divide themselves into platoons, each of which, in turn, stood at the grate awhile to breathe.
Page 25 - Cal. is criticised elsewhere in this work; here it must suffice to say that in all those parts resting on his own observations it is worthless trash, and in all that relates to the California^ people a tissue of falsehoods.
Page 20 - false in one thing, false in all, ' Bancroft's ' History of California,' so-called, is, in the opinion of this Society, unworthy of credence as authority, or as a source of correct information for present or future generations, and merits the just condemnation of every fairminded man, whose early personal experiences enable him to form a true estimate of its value.
Page 25 - California is a usurper, has been guilty of great offences, has impoverished and drained the country of almost its last dollar, and has deserted his post now when most needed. He has deluded and deceived the inhabitants of California, and they wish his expulsion from the country. He came into power by rebellion and force, and by force he must be expelled.

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