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It's not surprising that significant part of books named "blah-blah-blah Steve Jobs blah-blah-blah" would be advertising of Apple. If you are not Apple addicted this fact will be really annoying. Otherwise you would find this book wonderful.
Anyway I found this book very interesting and useful. It changed my view on presentations and slides to show. Almost all presentations I ever saw were very annoying. It was not clear should I listen or read them.
Steve and Carmine will show you how to make your presentations really interesting and impressive.
Of course some people would say that Dale Carnegie already said almost everything in his book "Public Speaking & Influencing Men In Business". Yeah, they are right. But "Presentation Secrets..." brings new dimension to this topic and brings your presentation to new level of quality.

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I don't even have to read this to know its stupid. You have to be a total fanboi to like this. Booo freaking hooo he got a tummy ache

Review: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

User Review  - Angela Alfonso - Goodreads

Interesting my focus has been on content over presentation. Steve jobs practiced and practiced before he presented. I dislike slides with lots of writing so could relate to visually engaging slides. Nice principles to apply Read full review

Review: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

User Review  - Lee Goodlove - Goodreads

Great book. Not long but still thick enough to repeat things so you learn them. Only negative I can say: if you have followed job's life, personality and presentation style closely before reading this book some parts may be a little more lengthy then others. Read full review

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