The Santiago Campaign, 1898 (Google eBook)

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Lamson, Wolffe, 1898 - Santiago Campaign, 1898 - 369 pages
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Page 112 - contrary case announcing to me that I advise the foreign women and children that they must leave the city before 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. It is my duty to say to you that this city will not surrender ; that I will inform the foreign consuls and inhabitants of your message. Very respectfully,
Page 115 - he holds the railroad from Santiago to San Luis, and has burned a bridge and removed some rails ; also that General Pando has arrived at Palma, and that the French consul, with about four hundred French citizens, came into his lines yesterday from Santiago. Have directed him to treat them with every courtesy possible.
Page 111 - AM THE COMMANDING GENERAL OF THE SPANISH FORCES, Santiago de Cuba : SIR : I shall be obliged, unless you surrender, to shell Santiago de Cuba. Please inform the citizens of foreign countries and all women and children that they should leave the city before 10 o'clock to-morrow
Page 173 - That the Spanish forces will march out of Santiago de Cuba with honors of war, depositing their arms thereafter at a point mutually agreed upon, to await their disposition by the United States Government, it being understood that the United States commissioners will recommend that the Spanish soldiers return to Spain with the arms they
Page 115 - urging Admiral Sampson to attempt to force the entrance of the harbor, and will have a consultation with him this morning. He is coming to the front to see me. I have been unable to be out during the heat of the day for four days, but am retaining the command. General Garcia reported
Page 113 - your city for delay in carrying out my intention to fire on the city, and in the interest of the poor women and children who will suffer very greatly by their hasty and enforced departure from the city, I have the honor to announce that I will delay such action solely in their interest until
Page 94 - SECRETARY OF THE NAVY: The fleet under my command offers the Nation as a Fourth of July present the destruction of the whole of Cervera's fleet. Not one escaped. They attempted to escape at
Page 7 - within 2,000 yards. If 10,000 men were here, city and fleet would be ours within forty-eight hours. Every consideration demands immediate army movement. If delayed, city will be defended more strongly by guns taken from fleet. SAMPSON.
Page 94 - Maria Teresa, Oquendo, and Vizcaya were forced ashore, burned, and blown up within twenty miles of Santiago. The Furor and Pluton were destroyed within four miles of the port. Loss, one killed and two wounded. Enemy's loss probably several hundred, from
Page 114 - so strong, it will be impossible to carry it by storm with my present force, and I am seriously considering withdrawing about five miles and taking up a new position on the high ground between the San Juan River and Siboney, with our left at Sardinero, so as to get our supplies to a large extent by means of the railroad, which we can

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