Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

A tedious effort to create a gothically-tinged bestseller.Stroud's title is, of course, ironic, for a weird game's afoot in Niceville, Ga. Ten-year-old Rainey Teague has disappeared on his way home from school, and though a search party is dispatched, it is some time before he's found crying and locked inside a crypt in a local Confederate cemetery. The crypt belongs to Ethan Ruelle, who died in a ... Read full review

Review: Niceville

Editorial Review - - Stuart Shiffman

Reading NICEVILLE by Carsten Stroud, one is reminded of the carpenter's proverb “measure twice, cut once.” Niceville, while quite a town, is anything but nice: “Niceville had some kind of strange vibe going on, like there was some power running through it… like a live wire or an underground river, and this power wasn't a kindly one. Whatever it was, it didn't like people. There was something ... Read full review

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Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - Andrea Weis - Goodreads

I had such high hopes for this book after reading the reviews and the first chapter really pulled me in. A boy vanishes into thin air with no had all the markings of a suspenseful ... Read full review

Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - jo - Goodreads

oh, i liked this book so much. so so much. it's not the story, really, but the characters, and the hard-boiled sassiness. perfect writing. this is a book about men -- the women are few and far in ... Read full review

Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - Majanka - Goodreads

Review originally published here: Niceville is probably the strangest, most boring book I've ever read. Why is it boring? Because it makes no sense. It starts ... Read full review

Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) - Goodreads

You may also read my review here: Niceville is a lovely little southern town. No matter if there have been a number of unexplained disappearances over the last ... Read full review

Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - L - Goodreads

A little boy disappears. Actually a lot of children disappear in this lovely little town. The little boy is found, just after his mother disappears (looks like suicide), and becomes catatonic just ... Read full review

Review: Niceville (Niceville #1)

User Review  - Joyce - Goodreads

I tumbled into this book and had a blast. The dialogue was snarky and snappy. The story was intriguing and kept my interest. It is exactly the kind of thing one wants to while away a rainy day and not ... Read full review

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