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Page 5 - pout dwo hoondred pound, Und efery dime she gife a shoomp She make de vindows sound. Hans Breitmann gife a barty, I dells you it cost him dear; Dey rolled in more ash sefen kecks Of foost-rate lager beer.
Page 32 - So sang dis wasser maiden Vot hadn't got nodings on. "Dere ish drunks all full mit money In ships dat vent down of old; Und you helpsh yourself, by dunder! To shimmerin
Page 5 - HANS BREITMANN'S PARTY HANS BREITMANN gife a barty; Dey had biano-blayin' : I felled in lofe mit a Merican frau, Her name was Madilda Yane. She hat haar as prown ash a pretzel, Her eyes vas himmel-plue, Und ven dey looket indo mine, Dey shplit mine heart in two. Hans Breitmann gife a barty: I vent dere, you'll pe pound. I valtzet mit Madilda Yane Und vent shpinnen round und round.
Page 31 - Gasthaus, Und dere I trinks some beer." Und den outshpoke de maiden Vot hadn't got nodings on: "I tont dink mooch of beoplesh Dat goes mit demselfs alone. "You'd petter coom down in de wasser, Vere deres heaps of dings to see, Und hafe a shplendid tinner Und drafel along mit me.
Page 6 - Und venefer dey knocks de shpicket in De Deutschers gifes a cheer. I dinks dat so vine a barty Nefer coom to a het dis year. Hans Breitmann gife a barty: Dere all vas Souse und Brouse ; Ven de sooper comed in, de gompany Did make demselfs to house.
Page 32 - Shoost look at dese shpoons und vatches ! Shoost see dese diamant rings ! Coom down und full your bockets, Und I'll giss you like avery dings.
Page 118 - Wohl auf well ofer de sea ! Dere's a frau dat sits in de Odenwald, Und shpins, und dinks of me. Dere's a shild ash blays in de greenin grass. Und sings a liddle hymn, Und learns to shpeak a fader's name Dat she nefer will shpeak to him. " But mordal life ends shortly, Und Heafen's life is long Wo bist du, Breitmann ? glaub'es Gott suffers no ding wrong.
Page 6 - Dill de coonshtable made oos shtop. Hans Breitmann gife a barty Where ish dat barty now ! Where ish de lofely golden cloud Dat float on de moundain's prow? Where ish de himmelstrahlende Stern De shtar of de shpirit's light? All goned afay mit de Lager Beer Afay in de Ewigkeit ! Charles Godfrey Leland .. "/ valt^et mil Madilda Yane Und -vent shpinnen round und round.
Page 113 - Shpeak grim der Breitemann. All rosen red de mornin' fair Shone gaily o'er de hill, All violet plue de shky crew teep In rifer, pond, und rill ; All cloudy grey de limeshtone rocks Coom oop troo dimmerin' wood ; All shnowy vite in mornin' light De shoorsh pefore dem shtood. Now loudet vell de organ, oop, To drill mit solemn fear ; Und ring also dat Lumpenglock. To pring de beoples here. Und if it prings guerillas down, Ve 'll gife dem, py de Lord, De low-mass of de sabre, and De high-mass of de cord.
Page 24 - d growed so fat in Kansas Dat dey couldn't speak a vord. Hans Breitmann vent to Kansas ; Py shings ! I dell you vot, Von day he met a crisly bear Dat rooshed him down, bei Gott} Boot der Breitmann took und bind der bear Und bleased him fery much For efery vordt der crisly growled Vas goot Bavarian Dutch ! Hans Breitmann vent to Kansas 1 By donder dat is so ! He ridet oout upon de blains To shase de boofalo.

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