Flow Cytometry Protocols

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Mark J. Jaroszeski, Richard Heller
Humana Press, 1998 - Science - 274 pages
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In addition to providing chapters on the theoretical and practical aspects of flow cytometry, this book contains protocols used specifically for immediate use in the diagnostic and experimental measurements enabled by modern flow cytometric instrumentation. Research protocols cover cell cycle analysis and regulation, detection of rare cells, solid tumor DNA techniques, ploidy analysis and the application of flow cytometric methods for measurements of leukemias, necrosis, apoptosis, heat shock proteins, liver and bladder cancer, disease monitoring, and intracellular measurements. Hematologic and immunologic applications are also described by researchers with a particular expertise in their use.A special section is included for biotechnologists using flow cytometry in the study of protein secretion, the monitoring of fermentation processes, monitoring bioreactors, cell-cell electroporation, quantitation electrofusion, and electrochemotherapy.

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Jaroszeski, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, FL.

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