3. Janet Macdonell, a nun, died 1832.

4. [ ] Macdonell, died young v.p.

5. [ ] Macdonell, died young v.p.

1820 VI. Sir CHICHESTER MACDONELL, sixth Baronet,

twenty-first Chief Of Keppoch, elder son and heir, born 18 ,

* succeeded his father 1820, and died in Greenock 1838. He

married [ ], daughter of [ ], and had issue two

sons :—

1. [ ] Macdonell, died v.p. | being both killed in

2. [ ] Macdonell, died v.p. ) Canada.

On his death s.p.s. the Baronetcy became dormant, while the Chiefship of Keppoch devolved on his cousin, Angus Macdonell.1

MACGREGOR, Baronet [S].


MOND, of Balhaldies, son of Duncan MacGregor or Drummond of the same, born about 1660; succeeded his father as head of a junior branch of the clan Gregor, with the Gaelic patronymic of Mac Iain Mhalich (son of John of the shaggy eyebrows); descended from the house of Roro, and, in consequence of his own name being proscribed by the Government, he assumed with many of the clan the name of Drummond. In 1704, on the death of the last chief of clan Gregor without issue, he was for political reasons elected to the Chiefship, but the fact was kept secret.2 He was a distinguished Jacobite, and was engaged in most of the plots of the time for the restoration of the House of Stuart. On the 14th March 1740 he was created by King James m and v1n a Knight and Baronet (S), with remainder to the heirsmale of his body.3 He died at Dunblane 1st March 1749, aged eighty-nine. He married, 1686, Margaret, sister of John (Cameron), first Lord Lochiel [S], eldest daughter of Sir Ewen


1 It is not known whether any male issue survives of either of the two brothers of the first Baronet. Major Donald, the elder, was slain at Culloden, and the younger, Captain Archibald, fell at Falkirk. Donald, the son of one of them, was taken prisoner at Carlisle, and executed at Kennington, 22nd August 1746.

2 'When a great-grandson attempted to revive this claim, the opinion of counsel was 'to the effect that he had no right to it.' Ex inform., Miss A. G. Murray MacGregor.

3 The preamble specially mentions William MacGregor, his eldest son,' to whom we 'hope the title will descend.'

Cameron of Lochiel, by his second wife, Isabel, daughter of
Sir Lauchlan MacLean. He had issue:—1

1. Sir William MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, his heir.

2. Ewen MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, died s.p.

3. John MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, author of the

memoir of his grandfather, Sir Ewen Cameron of

4. Duncan MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, died s.p.

5. Alexander MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, died s.p.

6. Donald MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, a sailor,

went to Nova Scotia; married Ann, daughter of
I J Grosbeck of New York, and had one son

who died unmarried, and five daughters, of whom the
third, Mary, married in 1781, as below, her cousin-
german, Sir Alexander MacGregor, third Baronet.

II. Sir WILLIAM MACGREGOR, otherwise DRUM- 1749 MOND, of Balhaldies, second Baronet, eldest son and heir, ~ born 1698; succeeded his father before 1749, and was, like him, a noted Jacobite. He took an active part in the '15, afterwards retiring to France, where he was much in the company of Bishop Atterbury, Lord Sempill, and other active Jacobites. In 1740 he was in Scotland, and early in 1741 was despatched to Rome as the agent of the Association of Scottish Jacobites formed that year for the purpose of restoring the House of Stuart. The same year he was sent by James on a mission to Cardinal Fleury in Paris, and, 23rd December 1743, had a commission as Colonel. He took no part in the '45, but was attainted, and exempted by name from the Act of Indemnity of 1747. He died near Paris, 1765. He married, in the Swedish Chapel at Paris, 1st January 1758, the Hon. Janet, second daughter of Laurence (Oliphant), first Lord Oliphant Of Gask [S], by the Hon. Amelia Anne Sophia, second daughter of William (Murray), second Lord Nairne [S]. She died Friday, 8th December 1758, and was buried, nth December, in the Protestant burial-ground in Paris, near the Fort de St. Martin.2 He had issue an only son.

1 For much of this information as to the descendants oiSir Alexander MacGregor, the writer has to thank Miss Murray MacGregor of MacGregor, author of the History of Clan Gregor.

1 Kington-Oliphani'sJacodi/e Lairds of Gask, p. 296.


- MACGREGOR, otherwise DRUMMOND, third Baronet,

794 only son and heir, born in Paris 26th September/7th October 1758; succeeded his father, 1765. He returned to England, entered the British army, was Captain in 65th regiment of foot, and died 1794. He married, 1781, his cousin-german, Mary, third daughter of Donald MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, of New York, by Anne, daughter of [ ] Grosbeck. He

had issue five sons and five daughters :—

1. Sir William Oliphant, fourth Baronet, his heir.

2. Sir Donald, heir to his brother.

3. [ ] MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, Assistant

Commissary-General in the West Indies; married, 1815, Charlotte, daughter of [ ] Houston of


4. James MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, died young.

5. Keith MacGregor, otherwise Drummond,

6. Anne MacGregor, otherwise Drummond, married, 1844,

[ ] Murray, writer in Stirling;

And four other daughters.

1794 IV. Sir WILLIAM OLIPHANT MACGREGOR, otherwise DRUMMOND, fourth Baronet, eldest son and heir, born 1782; succeeded his father at Balhaldies, 1794; an officer in the army—Major, 77th regiment. He died s.p. 1810.


1810 V. Sir DONALD MACGREGOR, otherwise DRUMMOND, fifth Baronet, next brother and heir, succeeded to Balhaldies, 1810.1




1717 I. LAUCHLAN MACKINTOSH, twentieth Chief of Clan

Chattan, son and heir of Lauchlan Mackintosh, nineteenth Chief of Clan Chattan, by his first wife, Magdalene, only daughter of [ ] Lindsey of Edzell, succeeded his father, 9th

December 1704. He joined Lord Mar in 1715, and for his services in that rising was on 21st January 1717 created by James III and VIII a Lord and Peer of Parliament as Lord

1 The estate of Balhaldies was sold 16th September 1885.


Mackintosh [S], with remainder to his heirs-male. He died s.p. 1731. He married Anna, eldest daughter of Alexander Duff, Provost of Inverness, M.P. [S and G B), by Katharine, daughter of Adam Duff of Drummuir.

II. WILLIAM (MACKINTOSH), second Lord Mack- 1731 Intosh, cousin and next heir-male, being the eldest son and heir of Lauchlan Mackintosh of Daviot, by Anne, daughter of Colin Mackenzie of Redcastle, which Lauchlan was the eldest son and

heir of Angus Mackintosh of Daviot, who was the third son (but the only one whose male issue then survived) of Sir Lauchlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Heritable Steward of Lochaber, which Sir Lauchlan was (through his eldest son and heir, William Mackintosh of Mackintosh) the great-grandfather of the first Lord Mackintosh. He succeeded his cousin in 1731, and died s.p. 1741. He married Christian, daughter of Sir Alexander Menzies, second Baronet [S], by Christian, daughter of Lord Neil Campbell.

III. ANGUS (or AENEAS) (MACKINTOSH), third Lord 1741 Mackintosh, brother and next heir. He was a captain in the Black Watch in 1745, and refused to join Prince Charles. He' died . He married Anne, elder daughter of John Farquharson of Invercauld, by his third wife, Margaret, daughter

of Lord James Murray. She, who was commonly called 'Colonel * Anne,' raised the Mackintoshes and the Macgillivrays for Prince Charles shortly before the battle of Falkirk, and joined Lord Strathallan at Perth. She was taken prisoner by the Hanoverians after Culloden, but was shortly afterwards released through her husband's influence.

IV. ANGUS (or .ENEAS) (MACKINTOSH), fourth 17 Lord Mackintosh, only son and heir. On the 30th December ~ 1812 he was created by George III a Baronet. He died s.p. 21st January 1820.

V. ALEXANDER (MACKINTOSH), fifth Lord Mack- 1820

Intosh, cousin and next heir-male, being the elder son and heir of Duncan Mackintosh of Daviot, by Anne, daughter of [ j

Dallas of Cantray, who was son and heir of Alexander Mackintosh of the same, younger brother of the second and third Lord's Mackintosh. He died s.p. 1827.

1827 1827 VI. ANGUS (MACKINTOSH), sixth Lord Mackintosh,

~ brother and heir, was a Member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada. He died 25th January 1833. He married, 1784, Archange, daughter of [ ] St. Martin, and niece

of Major-General [ ] Macomb, Commander-in-Chief of the

army of America. She died nth July 1827. He had issue:—

1. Duncan Mackintosh, died unmarried v.p. 1824.

2. Alexander, Master Of Mackintosh, his heir.

3. Hon. yEneas Mackintosh of Daviot, Inverness, J.P.,

D.L., born 12th June 1812; married first, 1843,
Mary, daughter of Alexander MacLeod of Dalvey,
who died 1848; secondly, nth March 1851, Louisa
Fanny Sybella, daughter of Major Alexander Mac-
Leod, and died 1882, leaving issue.

4. Hon. James St. Martin Mackintosh, married, and died

December 1897, leaving issue.

5. Hon. Anne Mackintosh, married Colonel H. J. Hunt.

6. Hon. Archange Mackintosh, married, 1817,- Colonel

Claudius Shaw, and had issue.

7. Hon. Isabella Mackintosh, married Lieutenant Felix

Troughton, R.A.

8. Hon. Jane Mackintosh.

9. Hon. Catherine Mackintosh.

10. Hon. Margaret Mackintosh, married Major Angus


11. Hon. Eliza Mackintosh.

12. Hon. Sara Mackintosh, married Alexander Colvin.

13. Hon. Christiana Mackintosh.

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1833 VII. ALEXANDER (MACKINTOSH), seventh Lord

Mackintosh, second but eldest surviving son and heir, born 23rd August 1787, succeeded his father 25th January 1833, and died 1861. He married first, 29th December 1812, Mary, sixth daughter of John Glass of Minorca. She died s.p. 1840. He married secondly, 18th October 1842, Charlotte, fifth daughter of Alexander MacLeod of Dalvey. He had issue :—

1. Alexander iEneas, Master Of Mackintosh, his heir.

2. Hon. Alfred Donald Mackintosh, heir to his brother.

3. Hon. iEneas Norman Mackintosh, Captain 3rd (Militia) Battalion Cameron Highlanders, born 18th May 1854, died 5th March 1900.

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