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Frankly this book is no more than a supercilious man doting about the weaknesses of a digitally immersed generation. I offer no opinion on whether this said generation acquiesces to the characteristics that Bauerlein so adamantly ascribes to them. Simply that this is a poorly written book, that is poorly structured, poorly supported, and unclear in many of its conclusions. The most hideous factor is that it constantly makes references to the inadequacies of the age group, while not once offering a solution to the problem! He is simply saying, in a jumble of uncorrelated evidence and skewed theses: "Kids these days!" 

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This book bring into the light how our genoration is acutually becoming less intelegent, due to the fact that technology "which may or may not make peoples life easier" is acutualy making our era lazy or feable to simple ever day task.

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