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"...a must for any woman..." -- Doubleday Book Club
" to a more rewarding life for women..." -- King Features Syndicate
"...more than a book, it is a process... clearly written... good reading." -- Los Angeles Times
Congratulations to Stanlee Phelps and Nancy Austin on the 4th edition of their book, "The Assertive Woman". They've been at it since 1974 (I've gotten each edition and referred them to my clients during my 30 years as a career and management consultant and coach.) This revised and updated edition continues to be a timely, relevant and reliable resource for women as they navigate the landmines on their assertiveness journeys. The book offers real-world examples, communication guidelines, self-awareness exercises and lessons learned in the authors' work with corporate and entrepreneurial women. (And I believe the solid advice and information is valid for all women of all ages regardless of their work status.... especially young women in high school and college who are just starting their assertiveness journeys.) I found the 14 page Resource Guide an especially helpful tool as it includes additional books, articles, newsletters, videos, websites, and professional associationsas available for any woman to find what she needs to support her in her assertiveness journey. I also loved the cover. Every photo has an interesting story behind it to convey that one size of assertiveness does not fit all! And it shows how far we've come.....
-Debra J. Reed

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