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Page 14 - Exsurget autem gens contra gentem et regnum super regnum, et erunt terrae motus per loca et fames. Initium dolorum haec.
Page 76 - Tunc ergo lesus dixit eis manifeste: Lazarus mortuus est: 15 et gaudeo propter vos, ut credatis, quoniam non eram ibi. sed eamus ad eum. 16 Dixit ergo Thomas, qui dicitur Didymus, ad condiscipulos: Eamus et nos, ut moriamur cum eo.
Page lxx - Qui enim habet dabitur ei et abundabit qui autem non habet et quod habet auferetur ab eo...
Page lxvii - The common archetype of k and Cyprian is, if not quite, yet very nearly the most primitive form that we can trace. Every step that we take toward recovering it seems to widen the gap which separates it from the other stem or stems, including a, b, and d.
Page 41 - Qui amat patrem aut matrem plus quam me, non est me dignus, et qui amat filium aut filiam super me, non est me dignus; 38.
Page clvii - The gh becoming occasionally mute, augh was treated altogether like au, as in : taught, caught = (tAAt, kAAt). AUN. See an. AW. This was precisely equivalent to au. In 14. it was used in the middle as well as at the end of a word. In 16. and afterwards it was seldom used except when final, though we still write : awl, awning, brawl, crawl, prawn, sprawl, etc. AWW. Orrmin's form of (au), p
Page 22 - Mk. 16, 3: subito autem ad horam tertiam tenebrae die factae sunt per totum orbem terrae, et descenderunt de caelis angeli et surgent(es?) in claritate vivi Dei simul ascenderunt cum eo, et continuo lux facta est, tunc illae accesserunt ad monimentum . . . handgreiflichen Erweis des Auferstandenseins selber das leinene Grabtuch überreicht121.
Page lxxi - ... uidere quae uidetis et non uiderunt et audire quae auditis et non audierunt...
Page 22 - Eus, item cd ffä n syr (hr); k vero haec addit : subito autem ad horam tertiam tenebrae diei factae sunt per totum orbem terrae et descenderunt de caelis angelí et surgcnt (?surgentes) in claritate vivi Dei simul ascenderunt cum eo et continuo lux facta est.
Page 35 - Nam et ego homo sum sub potestate constitutus : habens sub me milites. Et dico huic uade : et uadit. Et alio ueni : et uenit. Et seruo meo fac hoc : et facit.

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