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I've found that I've enjoyed her books that I have read, and this is no exception. This is a good book about learning how to deal with grief and moving on with life. Read full review

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i love this book it was exciting it made me keep wanting to read!!!!!!!!!!!! sarah dessen could u write more books like this one

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Best book ever
This was my first book from sarah dessen... And I have since then read all of them. I really recommend it!

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a favorite
This is one of my favorite coming-of-age stories. It is a beautiful story about a girl who finds out how to live. I read it every summer and love it every time.

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The Truth About Forever
Sarah Dessen
Macy Queen lost her father the day after Christmas years ago, when she was supposed to go for their daily run and slept late. Her family all copes in their own ways.
“But under it all, or grief remained. Sometimes, she took more of it, sometimes I did. But always, it was there.”(Pg. 21) Her older sister got married. Her mother threw herself into her work at their family business of home building. And, Macy, well, she’s just lost in the middle.
I loved Macy, just being honest. “I wasn’t anybody. And I liked it. It was selfish but true.”(Pg. 97) She was strong (though she didn’t think so), beautiful, stubborn, and driven. She didn’t take crap—technically she did half the book, but that’s because she’s afraid of failing her mom’s expectations. At the beginning of the book, you learn about her father’s death and her family’s problems and how her father loved those infomercial things, how he bought tons of them just for fun. You also learn that Macy has been trying hard to be the “perfect daughter”. Her sister had been a wild child that had calmed in marriage. She does everything for her mom—including being that bathroom director-person at all of her mom’s business parties.
But, when Macy happens to run into a catering crew at one of her mom’s parties, whom are prone to disaster, everything starts to change. She starts working with them in the kitchen and is later offered a job. She turns it down though, seeing that she has already taken over her boyfriend’s (Jason) job at the library info desk. Now here’s who I hated from the beginning: Jason and his snobby fans. “Look. We both know life is too short, Macy. Too short to waste a single second with anyone who doesn’t appreciate and value you.” (Pg. 135) They all acted like Macy was dumb, useless, and plain stupid. One night though, when she’s just beginning the process of realizing who she really is—which happens throughout the whole book—she finds the catering van and walks right up to them. There, she meets almost all the important characters. Personally, I loved all the characters. Except for Jason. Which was why I fell so hard for Wes—just like Macy.
Wes was absolutely my favorite character. He was witty, quiet, smart, and creative. And not to mention gorgeous. Macy and Wes begin this game called “Truth” where they each have to answer the other’s question, and whoever doesn’t answer the other wins. I loved their games of Truth. They all had funny parts, gross parts, and then, there’s the deep, saddening parts. Another thing I fell in love with about Wes was that he was an artist. I thought all of the parts about his angel sculptures were lovely. I like that they both had someone they were holding onto, but slowly letting them slip away while they were falling for each other.
This book was wonderful. I wish I hadn’t read it so I could read it again and again. It kept me rapt from page one to the ending. I didn’t feel like there were any parts that were bland or overdramatic. Macy had her ups and downs, all at times you wouldn’t think things were getting better or worse. The start was great, the middle was glorious, the ending was perfect. I love Sarah Dessen’s writing. I will definitely be reading much more of her work.
One amazing quote: “It’s all in the view, Macy. That’s what I mean about forever, too. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You can never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count.” (Pg. 136)

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I loved this book! One of Sarah Dessens best books out there!

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I honestly loved it, even reading only one time through. I loved how Wes and Macy slowly fell in love by getting to know each other. Love seems more real this way, and all the characters showed emotion through words, and it made you feel like you were standing right next to them getting to know them. Overrall a book that for me is hard to forget especially when I have read so many. 

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This is really one of my most favorite Dessen book. Macy evolves so much during the book , and I love the character. Read it !

Review: The Truth About Forever

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No one could tell you: you just had to go through it on your own. If you were lucky, you came out on the other side and understood. If you didn't, you kept getting thrust back, retracing those steps ... Read full review

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My first Sarah Dessen, and I really enjoyed it. Loved the characters and was very engaged emotionally. I'll definitely be reading more. Read full review

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