DNA Cloning: A Practical Approach, Volume 4

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David M. Glover, B. D. Hames
IRL Press, 1995 - Medical - 318 pages
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DNA cloning techniques have made their impact to most areas of biological research. This is the fourth and last volume in this set, offering a complete update and extension into new areas of David Glover's original DNA Cloning volumes. This volume describes a variety of techniques for genetic manipulation of mammalian cells. Topics covered include construction of Vaccinia virus recombinants, retroviral vectors, production of transgenic animals, expression using the HSV-1 vector system,and adenovirus vectors. The information presented is an up-to-date account of each research area by established researchers. The book includes detailed laboratory protocols, advice, hints and tips, example data, key literature citations, background information, and troubleshooting comments. This new 4-part companion volume set of Practical Approach titles aims to cover the major techniques required by all modern molecular biology laboratories.

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About the author (1995)

D. Glover is at University of Dundee. D. B. Hames is at University of Leeds.

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