Reminiscences of a Mosby Guerrilla (Google eBook)

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Moffat, Yard and Company, 1906 - United States - 277 pages
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excellent resource. a great read from a proud supporter. plus, he looks JUST like any of the munsons of this day and age, familiar to quite many UVA alum

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Page vii - For why ? — because the good old rule Sufficeth them, the simple plan, That they should take, who have the power, And they should keep who can.
Page 275 - TITAN ! to whose immortal eyes The sufferings of mortality, Seen in their sad reality, Were not as things that gods despise ; What was thy pity's recompense ? A silent suffering, and intense ; The rock, the vulture, and the chain, All that the proud can feel of pain...
Page 151 - Some time in the month of September, during my absence from my command, six of my men, who had been captured by your forces, were hung and shot in the streets of Front Royal, by the order and in the immediate presence of Brig.
Page 61 - I regret to be obliged to inform the Commanding General that the forces sent out by Major Taggart missed so good an opportunity of capturing this rebel guerrilla. It is only to be ascribed to the bad management on the part of the officers and the cowardice of the men.
Page 152 - Since the murder of my men, not less than 700 prisoners including many officers of high rank, captured from your army by this command, have been forwarded to Richmond, but the execution of my purpose of retaliation was deferred in order, as far as possible, to confine its operation to the men of Custer and Powell. Accordingly, on the 6th instant, seven of your men were by my order executed on the Valley Turnpike, your highway of travel.
Page 270 - SOLDIERS : I have summoned you together for the last time. The vision we cherished of a free and independent country has vanished, and that country is now the spoil of a conqueror. I disband your organization in preference to surrendering to our enemies.
Page 142 - The Lieutenant-Colonel commanding announces to the Battalion, with emotions of deep sorrow, the death of Captain RP Montjoy, who fell in action near Leesburg on the 27th ultimo, a costly sacrifice to victory. He died too early for liberty and his country's cause, but not too early for his own fame.
Page 152 - Hereafter, any prisoners falling into my hands will be treated with the kindness due to their condition, unless some new act of barbarity shall compel me, reluctantly, to adopt a line of policy repugnant to humanity.
Page 21 - The idea of making coffee, frying bacon, or soaking hard-tack was never entertained. When we wanted to eat we stopped at a friendly farm house, or went into some little town and bought what we wanted.
Page 264 - Hancock to enclose to you copies of letters which passed between Generals Grant and Lee on the occasion of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. Major-General Hancock is authorized to receive the surrender of the forces under your command on the same conditions offered to General Lee, and will send an officer of equal rank with yourself to meet you at any point and time you may designate, convenient to the lines, for the purpose of arranging details, should you conclude to be governed by...

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