Narratives of Sorcery and Magic: From the Most Authentic Sources, Volume 2 (Google eBook)

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R. Bentley, 1851 - Magic
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Page 26 - ' For God's sake, let me,' said the king; 'shall I, shall I?' then lolled about his neck. ' Then, for God's sake, give thy lady this kiss for me.
Page 313 - God would not impute the guilt of it to ourselves, nor others; and we also pray that we may be considered candidly, and aright by the living sufferers as being then under the power of a strong and general delusion, utterly unacquainted with, and not experienced in matters of that nature.
Page 20 - Monday came, all was well. Tuesday came, he not sick.
Page 266 - ... whereupon this deponent made haste to come to her, but before she could get to her, the child fell into her swooning fit, and at last, with much pain...
Page 300 - Here he is!" But he, having a quarterstaff, made a blow at them. The roof of the barn broke his blow, but following them to the window he made another blow at them and struck them down; yet they got up and got out, and he saw no more of them. About this time there was a rumor about the town that Martin had a broken head, but the deponent could say nothing to that.
Page 330 - Allers, and the evening being somewhat dark, he met with some persons there that begat a dreadful consternation in him, which, for the most part, he would never reveal. This was malum secutum.
Page 306 - ... he had many times before granted, not only that there are witches, but also that the present sufferings of the country are the effects of horrible witchcrafts, yet he now goes to evince it, that there neither are, nor ever were, witches, that, having made a compact with the devil, can send a devil to torment other people at a distance.
Page 250 - Antecessor, come and carry us to Blockula/ Whereupon immediately he used to appear ; but in different habits ; but for the most part we saw him in a grey coat and red and blue stockings ; he had a red beard, a high-crowned hat, with linen of divers colours wrapt about it, and long garters upon his stockings.
Page 33 - You shall therefore give him assurance in my name, that if he will yet before his trial confess clearly unto the Commissioners his guiltiness of this fact, I will not only perform what I promised by my last Messenger, both towards him and his wife, but I will enlarge it, according to the phrase of the civil law, quod gratiac sunt ampliandcC.
Page 270 - ... her hand, which produced the same effect as the touch of the witch did in the Court. Whereupon the gentlemen returned, openly protesting that they did believe the whole transaction of this business was a mere imposture.

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