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Prolific McCall Smith, who's unaccountably neglected Professor Dr. Dr. (honoris causa) (mult.) Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld ever since the trilogy that ended with At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances (2004), presents five more adventures for the eminent but clueless philologist."Adventures" is a relative term, for von Igelfeld's life, like Kant's, is so regulated that the slightest departure from ... Read full review

Review: Unusual Uses for Olive Oil: A Professor Dr von Igelfeld Entertainment Novel

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Professor Dr. Dr. MoritzMaria von Igelfeld, author of the highly regarded Portuguese Irregular Verbs (200 LTD copies sold!) and a pillar of the Institute of Romance Philology in the proud Bavarian city of Regensburg, finds that life is very difficult these days. His academic rival (and owner of a onelegged dachsund) DetlevAmadeus Unterholzer has been winning undeserved recognition. With help from ... Read full review

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