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Absolute Delight - Pathetic WS RETAIL

User Review  - Jaikumar Mamtani - Flipkart

Awesome Book, especially for those into corporate strategy roles in a retail buyer driven organization.. Gives you an insight into the human mind.... WS Retail as usual disappointed in packaging the product...! Read full review

Nice Read..

User Review  - Ashutosh Jani - Flipkart

Daniel Kahneman, the noble laureate, has brilliantly combined Economics with Psychology. He has explained with examples the rational and the so called rational thinking which makes us choose. His grasp on the thought process and behaviour pattern is excellent. An excellent read. Read full review


User Review  - Kumar - Flipkart

A supremely brilliant work. The best book I have read till date - took a long time though (nearly 500 pages). I only felt the 4th chapter a bit stretched with far too many options on gamble/chances. I have rated 5 stars (otherwise it would have been 6 stars minus one for chapter 4) Read full review

Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

User Review  - Jan Rice - Goodreads

Whew! Wrestled this one down to the ground. It's got so much in it; I've got all I can for now. I'm leaving it out in the living room for now, though--for refreshers. The author's aim is to prove to ... Read full review

must read

User Review  - Flipkart

one of the most powerfull books i have read in last few years, he deserves Nobel prize for this. many facts about the mind, are so relevant that within few hours of reading i have changed the way i make decisions. Read full review

Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

User Review  - Angelina Maguinness - Goodreads

This was a great read on the biases we fall into in our thinking and decision-making. Slow at certain parts, but with patience and tenacity was pleased to make it through for the valuable nuggets ... Read full review

Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

User Review  - Jamie - Goodreads

A slog, but a worthy one. Read full review

Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

User Review  - Nathan Caress - Goodreads

Both memorable and useful. It's worth reading no matter what you're hoping to get from it. Read full review

Buy the other edition

User Review  - Sharad Agrawal - Flipkart

If you like larger print and meaty pages buy the other edition from publisher Allen Lane, ISBN 9781846146060, which is also available on Flipkart. This edition is more expensive (as of my purchase ... Read full review

Superb place to buy an outstanding piece

User Review  - the lonestrider - Flipkart

First, you Flikpkart are awesome! I got the package in less than 24 hours. THAT made my day!! I really need nothing to say about this book. Well, its by Kahneman and he is a Nobel laureate in Econ. Anyone interested in behavioural econ its a pleasure to read. Read full review

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